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Evidently Mitch was the only Senator because he was the only one voting -- which is a majority. The Federal Reserve Act was passed the same way a hundred years ago!

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All it takes is a 2/3 majority of those present. Mitch was the 2/3 lol.....love it!

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How that wasn't challenged is an absolute tragedy.

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TDS is an absolute tragedy.
Paid, unsubstantiated sexual assault allegations are an absolute tragedy. $17MM sexual payout fund is an absolute tragedy You are an absolute tragedy.

Get over it buttercup.

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Investigating how many were paid off NOT to challenge is a tragedy also!

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The TRAITORS use ‘the rules’ against us, whether they exist or not. It is LONG PAST TIME for us to put the SMACK DOWN ON THEM. Then have them PHYSICALLY ESCORTED OUT OF OUR HOUSE due to FORFEITURE OF PUBLIC OFFICE, and TAKEN TO GUANTANAMO BAY to face MILITARY TRIBUNAL FOR TREASON, then be EXECUTED!

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Woohoo !!

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I feel this way A LOT... then I try to be "reasonable"... then I see the Dem's fighting the wall money saying "NO MONEY for the wall"... and I say to myself.. who's money do you think it is anyway?! Then I rinse and repeat... sigh~

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That's sure what it looked like to me. New Senate tomorrow. Ole Cocaine Mitch may have just slipped one past the goalie.

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I'm getting that impression too. I'm pretty well read on Senate procedures, but this one threw me for a loop.

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Here's the Senate Executive Calendar to look at who the people - associated with all those numbers Mitch was calling out.


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Holy crap , Ive gone cross eyed, I read the entire list. Most if not all Judges-appointed to 15 year positions,

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I woke up laughing about this...

probably the manliest thing The Turtle has ever done.

hashtag TheTrumpEffect

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Looks like he did a bunch of judges. He did a service to this country. He had a majority and he clean up a lot of old business.

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Dems wouldn't consider the judges, too much pressure from their base. Judicial nominees will have to be confirmed from the Senate floor. Shouldn't be a problem.

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Mitch McConnell is a UniParty Neocon that serves only himself, money and his masters. Don't be a damn fool talking about him doing a service to this country. Why the hell didn't he do this during the past two years with the nuclear option?

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Agreed on McConnell not being trustworthy, but this still looks like a nice move and even the NeoCons do things we want of rare occasions. Their motives are, of course, questionable, that's why I'm screening some of the names on the list, looking for plants. So far so good.

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Ask yourself this. What happens in his home state? Who is albert pike?

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Yes during shut down leader can send them all to floor for vote.

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I liked that snarky smile the guy had while reading for vote.

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Yup, he seemed to be enjoying himself. I'd buy him a beer.

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and is little eye-brows up look as he left the podium... hilarious.

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I was thinking the same thing!!! He's definitely up to something!

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At least 778 Trump people were just confirmed:)

These are not recess appointments - for example, one was confirmed a judge for a fifteen year term.

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Where did you get the number "778?" Fox New article said a bipartisan agreement with Schumer allowed dozens of Trump nominees, including a few judges.... Is this what everyone is talking about? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/dozens-of-trumps-nominees-get-confirmed-in-rare-moment-of-bipartisanship-on-last-day-of-congress-session

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go watch the video

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