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Ok, this is getting ridiculous now.

This is mental masturbation of the highest order. Nothing more, nothing less

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I don't do the numerology thing, mostly because I had a whack-job of an ex-girlfriend who swore by the stuff. I occasionally try to read SB2's posts as they are highly entertaining, but the mathematical gymnastics seem a bit of a stretch to me.

He seems to be well-intentioned though, and for all I know, he could be the sane one and I'm crazy for not following his process.

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I think it’s always right to acknowledge good intentions and dedication. Credit is deserved. At the same time, I agree with you that these “decodes” are getting more and more esoteric. (Personally, I find the tone rubs me wrong, oftimes I feel it a little too condescending, or patronizing.) Numerology has been interesting, but it’s too oblique, not obvious. I can’t imagine how much time SB2 spends with a calculator, scribbling combinations to come up with something remotely relatable to the subject. I don’t believe this is how special comms would operate, especially when communicating with an unknown audience of mostly untrained civilians. The result is too much left to chance, the message too at risk.

Even with the same basic concept, 100 different people would come up with 100 different results, because of the amount of personal influence that goes into this method. SB2 puts a lot into his work, instead of the other way around. He is making choices and decisions when he goes through his process, some not even that he realizes he’s doing. Why does nobody else come up with the exact same results? Because of the way the method requires picking and choosing and assignment of meaning based on individual inclination.

I find these decodes interesting, and a window into a complex thought process, but not the main attraction. I do not savor the idea of how much time would be required to come up with and send these little messages and shoutouts without any guarantee they’d be understood, and without any direct benefit even if they were.

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Made me laugh.

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...it's like there is a mathematical relationship between numbers

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Wakandans would be amazed!

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1000 years from now...

"There is no god but Donald and SB2 is his prophet!"

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Top Kek.

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What is SB2?

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Amazing SB2. And a HAPPY NEW YEAR too as we move from DARK to LIGHT and from LIES TO TRUTH.


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Happy New Year! WWG1WGA!

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I Want Proof.

[–] PBot1776 6 points 11 points (+17|-6) ago  (edited ago)

You and Edie must share the same dealer. I'll admit... I've been on the Q train for months, but there's been nothing - mainly because one would think that if the corruption were that pervasive, we wouldn't have gotten to where we are now with the supposed "Corrupt and Stolen" midterm elections being a day away from getting sworn in.

If Q was legit... we'd have irrefutable evidence we could cite and say, "Here's proof." All we have are cryptic promises and bullshit.

If we want real fucking change - buy a yellow vest, organize, and put the Democrats out of business by any means necessary.

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go look at April Q drops with troops on the border posted. April 4 drop 1009, drop down till you see post 893904. big benefit is to read all the drops from beginning.

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What is it you yellow vests are asking for?

The dissolution and arrest of the entire Democrat party

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It includes corruption among the several political parties - not just Democrats. McCain for instance had his name all over the Steele Dossier.

[–] MuDp5fg4QaVDs65 3 points 0 points (+3|-3) ago 

For me it is beyond question the the plan of this psyop is to pacify. I have been begging folks to organize. It gets nowhere. Yellow vests? Fine. But organize. Need a meeting plan? Saturday morning, 10:00 am, at the post office matching your ZIP code. It's a start. It's something. More than the nothing "the Plan" would have us do.

[–] ThisIsMyNightmare 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

But without trusting the plan, one cannot entirely trust the rest of the message. The plan definitely doesn’t exclude us, not in my understanding. Everyone has a role. I fear jumping the gun would have devastating consequences on years’ worth of careful strategizing by those more informed and capable than we.

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Yup. Fucking boomers.

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BEAUTIFUL Serial Brain 2!!! Wow your post is getting better and better! That last decode D5 GITMO, awesome.

How do you know your decodes right ... ? When the shills come out in force, and disputes it WITHOUT their counter evidence! hahaha, love it SB2! You're right on the money.

Happy New Year SB2! Wishing you the very best for 2019, and may it give you plenty of decodes to see the light.

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Happy New Year my good friend! ;)

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For concern fags I would like to remind people Q said, " Disinformation is necessary". So what if this statement is the only disinformation. Then all the math adds up. I can play this out on the Chess board quite smoothly. I never see any commentator/predicter/decoder scrubbing or greying out disinformation. They all include it all. Misspellings and the such are corrected, so again, it's included. Q did point to sb2 without discredit. Q did point to J. Corosi with discredit. So wrap it up like a burrito & call it fine dining! Thank you SB2 & all Patriots alike. WWG1WGA

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