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Do you not recognise the pattern? This is what POTUS does.

He frequently picks bad guys and puts them on display for a while before replacing them. Think RR. Trump picked him and RR immediately appointed RM and the angry Dems. and likewise, many other temporary appointments.

Not many people work for Trump long term. The pieces always get moved around, come and go. They serve a single purpose and then get moved on.

Most of the moves are not about preventing bad people from acting, but rather to force them to act in the spotlight for all to see. Where there is darkness, shine a torch.


My guess is this guy has some skeletons that will be exposed in due course.

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A guy having skeletons in his closet makes sense for a reason to let Mueller hang around, but handing over the justice department back to a literal Bush crony this late in the game... You do realize the amount of power the AG has dont you? Trump hasnt fixed shit in 2 years. The budget is still out of control. Social Security is still fucked. Deportations are barely above Obama levels. There is no wall. There was no major tax reform. Our trade deficit is still out of control. Healthcare is still fucked. No audit of the fed. More money than ever flowing to the military industrial complex. He hasnt even charged a ZOG shabbo with anything. Hes a lame duck now. Trump just gave the justice dept to a shill. What the fuck are you hoping hes going to even do at this point? Put Hillary in camp cupcake for a couple years until a democrat goes back into office and pardons her? How the hell is locking up a few cronies going to get Israel out of control of our country and culture?

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The Senate will have a field day with Barr. Any and all dirt on this guy will be exposed. This keeps Whitaker in play to drain the swamp.

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Whoa mate...just a second. Go back and research all of the things you say Trump has not done. In front of every single one of those issues are the fascist left AND RINO right stopping Trump from being successful in his campaign promises. Have you not seen how many federal lawsuits have been filed against the Trump administration to prevent the implementation of Trump's policies? The dems have killed everything Trump wants to implement. By the way...stop with the "there is no wall" bullshit and educate yourself. There is nearly 2,000 miles of border wall in existence before Trump ever took office. The border wall idea first came about in 1848 and progressed through various iterations up to 1996 where larger structures replaced smaller structures. All Trump wanted to do was build a bigger more fortified wall which, by the way, has been under way now for a few months.

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Known as CIA's fixer. He probably knows where a lot of bodies are buried and who put them there.

And who knows... maybe there is info POUTS wants to come out organically during confirmation.

Example...... if POTUS say "Bush killed JFK" nobody will believe it. If this guy sits before the senate at his confirmation hearing and says "Bush killed JFK" it's a totally different ball game.

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While I like the direction your thinking is going, Barr would be too young to have first hand info on JFK, so his testimony is hearsay by definition.

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Sure, bad example.. unless he had some old pictures or something. But I think you see the point.

Could very well be a mis-direction play also. Tweak the Bush family's collect melons, let the Repubs freak out and resist the confirmation.... meanwhile, Whitaker cleans house.

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I get the frustration. This shit pissed me off too. I'm tired of watching fake funerals that WE pay for while those sick asses pass candy around a probably fuckin empty casket for a dude that wasn't even a U.S. citizen. But we should relax while they play games, with our Lives. So ya I'm wondering WTF too! They're afraid to say it cuz they don't wanna be called a shill but, it's how a lot of people feel about this decision. Why wouldn't we? We have trust issues!!

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Thank you for the most Honest comment I’ve seen. Pisses me off when I’m accused of being a shill when I disagree or question anything. Bunch of people here are brain dead lobotomy patients or GOPe who want President Trump to fail. I want JUSTICE and TRANSPARENCY.

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Transparency: What do you think Q"s doing?

Justice: What do you think of all the pedo/human traffickers/druggies being arrested for?

Not fast enough for you? Think of all that has achieved within a year, and compare it with back in the times.

Stop bitching, and start digging and decoding

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I can't say I'm comfortable with "trust the plan" in as much as I don't know what the end game is.

I have not convinced myself we are not jumping out of the fire into the frying pan.

That being said, it seems there is real forward motion on getting the goods on a lot of really bad guys and gals.

But knowing they are bad does not hang them or put them in GITMO.

It seems like this must start such that it can not be stopped by the incoming new congress. I am bothered that key players seem to be making long term plans when I know, they must know, they're # is up...

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I can't black pill it's not in my nature anymore. Some people want to cry shill, I call it being cautious. I take the information I learned before Q came along serious and it remains in my forefront. If remaining vigilant in the movement is shilling, then I see a difference of definitions..

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While I am aware POTUS is waiting on Mueller to end his investigation before declassing, adding more games to this is going to push things further into the future. The result, Patriots are going to start becoming complacent with all of this. I already see many questioning whether anything will ever be done while seemingly odd decisions are made. As with Kavennaugh, It will take forever to get Barr confirmed and what happens in the meantime?????? To wait until the House is taken by the Democrats in January seems to set back any new progress that we might be able to look forward to, while fending off any new threats of impeachment and investigations.
I know we need to be patient but would certainly like to see some of these high profile people brought to justice before my time on earth runs out! Makes me nauseous to see President Trump have to make fake speeches, like the one he had to make about #41's service to his country. I am not sure I could do that without throwing up!

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I did throw up!

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Third sentence is priceless. Great writing.

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Godfather 3 niggaz!

Trump is the Godfather of this great country and every gangster knows the best way to win a gang war is to get the other peeps to switch.

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and Kavanaugh worked for Bush during 9/11 ... is it possible to work for someone you dislike or disagree with?

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iv done that enough times when you have to work to pay bills

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Your first mistake is worshiping Serial Brain. Hopefully someday you'll break free from that cult.

Meanwhile, Trump and Q already won. They're the cat, the deep state is the mouse. If you're this far along and you haven't figured that out yet ... well, you believe SB2 so you'll believe anything I guess.

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I find Serial Brain very entertaining. Other than that, we are on the same page, although I'm a bit nicer to those who don't quite get what has happened.

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I look forward to your comments, Paladin. Classy.

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I don't think we can win until Trump gets control of the Fed. The Fed is key to taking down the DS.

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Cats sometimes get distracted and the mouse slips away. Stop toying with it and KILL it!

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to say: fuck Cereal for Brains too. Dude is either psycho or intentionally trying to make us appear psycho.

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Patience is our strength. Panic is their downfall. The God-Emperor makes no mistakes. His actions are always deliberate. Things we can see, much more we do not see yet. But this we know: Nothing can stop the STORM that has come. @MAGA

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“Patience” has never been my strength. Finally starting speaking out against “Patience” after Dimwits won the House, impeachment hearings about to start and the media successfully tarnished our great President.

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Not all of the people that work in the government are evil luciferin scum. President Trump has gotten us this far, Trust the plan. Mr. Barr might be helpful in finding some of the bodies buried in this world wide conspiracy.

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This far... shitskins, muslims in congrrss.. an unchangeable demographic shift that will continue to just vote to take white stuffs.

Are you white European or are you an invader?

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That's a big deal isn't it, red? There are so many blackmailed or black hearted swamp creatures, it's hard to find anyone decent. Both parties are corrupt, so both parties must also have some non-pedo-satanists.... we hope.

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What if this Trump’s way of hinting at JFK stuff coming soon. I mean basically the day after funeral it got “leaked” ...more trolling the Deep State 🍿🍿🍿

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“Mr Barr MIGHT BE HELPFUL”??????????


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Barr's nomination will buy Whitaker plenty of time to play his role. Remember, Wray, Whitaker, Huber and Horowitz just spent a long time together in a SCIF. I can feel it coming!

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