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France is kickin' some ass right now! Love it! Expose the pedos!

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I think we have a lot to do with it. Voat was the only place I saw pushing the narrative that it "wasn't gas tax" ...hard. Then Q commented... after US! Stingers in a giant swarm (of Yellow Jackets!)

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Yea definitely, I agree. It is great to see this movement go WW! Together we can't be defeated!

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Patriot notice even Q said the gas tax narrative was fake, you did really great finding this and sharing this, who can miss the Demon mention and pedophile mention and dangerous vaccines. this pic needs to get to all the fake news MSM and local stations.

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Fuck the hell off, Q-LARPer. Nothing your kike hoax has ever said has been true.

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I'm just waiting to see the Yellow Jackets start demanding that they leave the EU. If THAT happens, it's game on.

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That would be amazing. The EU, UN and NATO need to be put out of existence.

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Awesome dig AAngel, Thank you for posting, this is what you and I suspected, that it was a lot more then a 30 cent gas tax. Thank you for posting, wish I could do a Democrat and vote this up more.

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Thanks Lakota. I have one of your replies to me on a tab, and I read it from time to time for inspiration. (The one about Evil not being real if we keep God in our hearts). It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it even. Bless you.

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Patriot was happy to share with you the real truth.

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That may be the classiest thing I have ever read on Voat.

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Love it.. viva la France..

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Et Viva Les Etats Unis! Je t'aime ausie!

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He said long live the US and I love you also! Reply to him, please or her. Thank you Angel, I pray for France every night. Stay strong!

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Nous sommes avec vous! #WWG1WGA!

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There's lots of them. Would help if I read French... I can say I didn't see anything that resembles "gas tax" -- Go to Google Images and type in:

france protest signs

(I'm on an iPad otherwise I would link you)

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Serial Brain 2 explains it all in his last archived post. Q and the Great Awakening got this started. This SB2 post is one of the best ones I've read. It explains almost all of Q intentions and even why the vests are yellow, in one post. Light out of the darkness. Great Read! https://www.serial.rocks/post-122

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Thank you. I love serial brain and didn't see this. What a mind that person has? I love the "whole board" not just the pieces bit. Did everyone see that at Opium Poppy Bush's funeral, the flag on the casket was wrinkly and upside down?

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Oh you speak ENGLISH, I'm rusty. I saw that too.

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That's some pretty insane schizophrenic rambling. I mean seriously : add the dogs name's letters to make 40 then take the timestamp 644,divided by two that makes 322,that means another 322 is somewhere. Take that 1 instance of 322 and add it to the dog's name and that equals 41.aka ghwb.

I shit you not this is literally in the link you posted. Stop following sb2.

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LOL. A Deep State shill triggered by SB2 power to influence the masses.... NZXZN can't control him/her self, so tries to control me. LOL. NZXZN. Get a grip. Why else would you come here to tell people to turn against Q and SB2? In case you didn't know... NZXAN, you are not forced to come onto VOAT.

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Serial Brain 2 is so deep that you need to reread some of the sentences to decipher his meaning but he’s always right on! The numerology is interesting but I wonder if there is always the extreme intention behind the postings to code them the way he presents it or if some of it is coincidence. However, Q says there are no coincidences. Thoughts?

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Awesome find !

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It was Artistique_Jewelry that found it. We are now spreading it around. I think Q reads this vote subverse.

Thank you for commenting, I'm new and it's very exciting to be able to post at last.

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Wow! Good dig

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Thanks Suff, and thank Artistique.

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I love the French and stand with them.

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