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deep stat owned FOX execs pulled (3) scheduled guests.for Dec. 5th on Hannity, so im watching OAN to see the truth of whats going on. they are the only News Network not on the Mocking bird network news list.

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they sure did Patriot, now those pawns are exposed for who they really are.

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i believe we will see justice served soon My Brother Patriot, one way or another we the people will take our country back.

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Reading your stuff is a thrill. As always...my thanks. A truly great mind. And if you are batshit crazy? I’m cool with that. Just keep decoding and posting.

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Keep making Q followers look insane! Very good SB2!

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Hi Serial Brain 2!!! So deep! I LOVE it! Thanks kindly for this decodes!!!

It's amazing if you compare Trump vs MSM, and Serial Brain 2 vs shills.

Example: Trump tweets and has misspellings. MSM mocks Trump, calling Trump dumb. Ignorant/NPC people calls Trump dumb for not being able to spell! hahahah. We Patriot Anons know better. Trump sends coded messages through Trump's Tweets! Hence, misspellings matters! Timestamp matters! Capital letters matters. Plus many other things matters!

Those shills that calls Serial Brain 2 decodes fake, you're just like the MSM/NPC/ignorant people out there that calls Trump dumb for not being able to spell in his twitter. Wake up and small the coffee!

Serial Brain 2's decodes has been consistent. Always upgrading, and with each learning, has always added more and more information to his decodes.

Awesome Serial Brain 2, LOVE your work! Thanks kindly for sharing!!!

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ThankQ. Good Wins! I now must go get a yellow vest! God Bless You All World Wide!

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This is a very interesting look into the possibilities. Thank you for sharing. Sometimes I think we assume a lot about dates and how things are going to roll out, and then become discouraged when our theory ended up not being proven to be true. This is a complex game of strategy, and the deep state is wide spread and permeated into every part of the world. Their power is more than we probably want to believe.

Since you have been researching this, I would like to ask your opinion on this twitter thread: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1069069792013897728.html She posted it yesterday, shortly after her account was suspended. It looked like she had done a ton of research, and had it very well laid out. I hope a lot of us were able to read it all.

What she posted was pretty frightening. People kept commenting that they would be willing to live under Trump the dictator. That is seriously scary. I don't care who it is, I am not willing to live in a dictatorship. So, how does this plan fit in with all of the good we believe Trump is doing? A lot of the executive orders were done before Trump. It is as if this is a continuation of an earlier plan, and that is not a good thing.

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I read the thread you referenced and did not see anything scary or frightening. I can assure you Trump is not and will never be a "dictator". He is working with M.I.Patriots all over this country/world in order to return the USA back to We The People. That has always been his focus. Perhaps you are newish to Q and the anons and if so I applaud your digging. As well folks are awake at different times so there is a large curve. Many of us have been praying for a Trump since 9/11, some way before. I want to assure you from all I know and have known........There are a million things regarding the deep state cabal psychos to be afraid of and concerned about, for sure!!!! The one hope and light for me and many is our POTUS. Without him we'd literally be in WW3 by now. Remember HRC was tasked and salivating to get her bloody hands on all Americans in order to deliver us on a platter to the NWO. To me that is beyond terrifying because we were inches away from losing all of it. Remember if America falls there would be no hope anywhere on the planet. Take heart, friend.

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Your concern is why the nwo types have pushed war forever. I think your fears are rational fears. I believe that we are at war, and I believe that we are out of choices. I want to believe in this, and so I choose to base my convictions job actions.

What are Donald Trump's actions? What are his enemies actions?

I think that when you add the words to the actions, DJT is doing what Q claims, and that Q is telling the truth. Pick any topic you wish. Compare the democrats /media to Trump /Q. Trump is working with the GOP, but how many of them belong to the dnc/media camp?

Business as usual is a lie. The people taking business as usual are idiots or compromised.

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I agree with you, and his actions thus far are for the most part trust worthy.

My deeper concern is that Q is being used to lure us into following faithfully, and then finding out that all of the Executive Orders were not for the elitists, but for us. I want very much to hold onto hope that Trump is a good guy. But, he has always associated with the elitists. If we refused to follow Clinton into the jaws of globalism run by elitists, then it could have been easier to lure us into following someone who appears to be hated by them. We are the only thing standing between America as we have known it, and NWO. The liberals are already sold out to socialism, some of them bordering on communism it seems. We are it, we are the only thorn in their side.

I also believe we are at war, it is a war for our minds. I look around and see the media and politicians using psychological warfare that is used in war, usually by communist trying to gain control of their people.

I know it is an unpopular thought that I hold, and I get a lot of hate for it. But, as much as I want to believe everything is going in the right direction, I continue to hold on to the skeptical side that says it could all be a big lie, nothing more than another operation mockingbird to take us down and get us out of the way.

I hope this makes sense. I know a lot of ppl who follow Q get pretty offended. I am not here calling people stupid. I follow Q, and I see a lot of reason to have hope. I tell people I know that if this is true, and if Q is good, then we are getting ready to see something amazing happen in our country. But, in the back of my head, I am always holding on to the idea that it could all be one big trap. When I see something that looks a little "scary" to me, I am always hoping people will want to discuss it. We should be questioning everything. Not following blindly. We do not have to be hateful or divisive, or even negative. But, we should certainly be cautious. There is a lot at stake here.

Just yesterday, I listened to one of our house reps say that Huber has been stalling and not cooperating with them on the Clinton case. Perhaps it is because some in the house cannot be trusted. But, what if Q is saying to trust Huber, and Huber ends up being a problem. It is my understanding Huber was an Obama holdover. These are the things that make me question Q. Is Q just trying to convince us we are not seeing what we think we are.

I am sorry I am rambling. I hope I am understanding what you were saying, and hopefully what I am saying makes sense.

My gut tells me Trump was around the elitists enough to know how filthy they were. While he might have really enjoyed women a lot, I do not truly think he is some deviant monster like some of these sick pigs are. I think he knew a lot of stuff that was going on and wanted to fix it. I think when he got into office, he found out it was way sicker than he ever could have imagined. I have so much hope that he is doing everything he can to take them down. I support him in every way I can. He was not my first choice, but now, I am so very glad he was the one that made it through the primaries. I think anyone else would have already caved in. But, I have my eyes wide open, if he gets out of line, I hope everyone will not follow like sheep to the slaughter.

It will be very telling what happens in France, if the UN military come in to help Macron take control, will we sit back and let it happen? Yes, there is an uprising of people who are fighting NWO. But, we are divided throughout the world and all of us are surrounded by globalists, all by different names. Here, we have the democrats.

I are looking at 3 options:

Q and Trump are good guys and are going to save the world Q is a bad guy CIA trying to divide the conservative vote and eventually make people turn on Trump Q is a very smart researcher with no connection to Trump, enjoying a game, and Trump is on his own trying to conquer the deep state~ This one I do not really buy into much, because of some of the evidence.

So, I am going with theory one for now....

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Don't give in to fear. The world is watching "Trump" and the people of and in the World is tired of the lies and B.S. we have all been fed for 100 years and more!

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Thank you. That is good advice.

More than anything, lately I feel helpless. It is like we keep getting violated by our own politicians, people who live very comfortable lives because of the wages we pay them. They do absolutely nothing for us. Our gov needs to be sized down by at least half of the ppl and organizations that we hare now. If we cannot reduce our gov I do fear that even after Trump, it will go back to where we started. But, there seems to be nothing we can do.

I try not to be a coward. But, I look around at our country and see how hateful we all are to each other, and I think there is no way we could come together to take our country back from the gov if we needed to. And, there are so many that seem willing to give up their freedom.

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Understand this, I lived my entire life believing lies. Q said there are no coincidences and that is completely true, this plan has been in place since before I was even born into this life. Nothing I have experienced in life has ever been unorchestrated, I, however was totally oblivious. Q and their team dont believe my being distraught is real because they still dont understand totality of concepts, you can not summon a creator to trap and destroy with rotten meat, they had to create the 'bait' Im not one of them, they underestimated true love though, I wont summon him to protect me they want to hurt him. This is the SES btw. https://www.ses.qld.gov.au/Pages/default.aspx

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I love the way Serial Brain 2 puts things together.... only wish I thought that way...... but I dont understand gematria either..... after seeing how SB2 puts it all together it looks so simple.......

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Thanks SB2 once again for your brilliant analysis. “Q”uestion: Does this mean GHWB was died on 11/14 when JC put out the Benji tweet? Was he sacrificed for the DS moves? Took one for the DS team so to speak? Thx, NeoObi, GolfinGirl

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I’m guessing 11:11. A great day indeed

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Yes, thank you SB2 for your insights as always :)

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In image 2 the break down of "didn't know his age today except very old" translated to not disclosing exact day of death

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So if the old man was dead on 11-14 or before, what was Obama doing visiting afterwards, where was 41’s SS detail, why did they murder the physician?

What does freshly laundered socks mean? Socks was Clinton’s cat in the WH.

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Just speculating here: Perhaps, when the DS puts out a "hit" (Comey's dog died memo) that was as good as done, but the actual implementation of the deed was calculated to coincide with the [D]ec 5 Q post, thus the need for a visit from the "Angel of Death" (Obama) on the 27th (or whatever specific day that was.)

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Maybe someday we will know for certain

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He could have been visiting purely for "optics". i.e. to make it "appear" as if Bush was still alive, whereas in reality he was already dead. There are no photos or other evidence to prove Obama actually met with him.

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