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this is way more then Election fraud Patriot, this is a Act of War to take the House and Senate and overthrow the duly elected Gov, they would impeach and set up a banana Gov, this is why they used illegals, so they could turn the House and Senate and over throw America. explains Q drop about Martial Law.

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I agree! Very glad to seeing more and more people looking at it on just the ground floor of voter fraud as outrageous!

I believe they have been infiltrating for Years under the guise of being inclusive, all while allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to further their agenda.

DWS and Obama did a Great deal and furthering it, as you already know, far more involved.

I see these people on other platforms really resonating by what they can verify in the here and now. . .hoping it will pique their interest to keeping going back into history and see what has really been going on, while many were asleep or distracted.

I'm thinking Sessions is integral in the Martial Law as he was an Army Captain in the Reserves while he was an attorney. What a perfect fit!

Especially since the left is now sending out material telling their followers that it is unconstitutional what Trump did to Sessions.

Laughable really! Trump's got them all Right where he wants them.

Funny how they use the constitution when it suits them, and the rest of the time are yelling about doing away with it!

I can't help but remember Graham's questioning to Kavanaugh concerning Martial Law. It was So GOOD!

All the info is here. This is Free to read and you Don't need an account. You can just skim it and I put the actual clip in there along with the transcript!

Criminal Law vs. Military Law, why did Graham zero in on This Line of Questioning with Kavanaugh? Why should you understand Military Law?


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Outstanding Post Patriot, you surmised it really well. This is why they really feared Kavanaugh. it was about Military tribunals and why Graham brought it up in the confirmation hearings. I agree, President Trump now has them all exposed for Highest Treason and Sedition. people are not being diverted by all the FF. major panic and route of the DS and all their puppets commencing as we speak.

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Vigilant people need to voice this!

Email your reps!

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Keep fighting folks. Matt Gaetz, good job.

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https://archive.fo/vVNJg :

TestingTheNarrative on Twitter: "1. Thread including screenshots from social media showing Voter Fraud Outrage! See what vigilant Patriots and Good Citizens are saying around the country as the observe Extreme abuses @realDonaldTrump ! #VoterFraud, #VoterFraudAlert, #QAnon, #QArmy, #QArmyTrain… /pB9RKg4GT8"

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