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Citizens Demanding the State put the Broward County Election into immediate Receivership... I think the Dems have way overplayed their hand this time....

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Definitely. If they can prove this leads to the top, the whole party might collapse in the scandal. People are going to jail.

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Definitely, "Snipes is corrupt."....don't lock her up. Hang this bitch and light her on FIRE!

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Shits getting real

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spot on Patriot, this is more then election fraud, this is a attempt to take over the House and Senate, impeach Trump, and that's how you over throw a Gov, this is a Act of war, and now we know even more why Q posted Martial law in a drop, all the FF being done to distract from election fraud, attempted coup and over throw of our Gov. No other choice now but to drop that hammer. This is the Pain Q mentioned also.

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SO Right. The coup started back in 2016. Same players as the last coup that worked. This one didn't work out like planed. So now they are all in because they know they are caught and the consequences are deadly. The FF's, The California shooting and the California Fire aren't working. Hammer time is coming!!!

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Got to love it! They will pay ! The red wont wash off of their hands.. LMAO

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The Dems are about to get their blue wave -- of election fraud. Brenda Snipes has a history of cheating and most recently in the 2016 congressional elections. A judge ruled that she violated state and federal law by destroying ballots and not removing dead voters from the rolls in the election.Their cheating has gone on way too long and they will be going down this time.


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A judge ruled that this nigger broke the law but she was allowed to go right on cheating elections.

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Yea, she should have been in jail long ago. She was most likely protected by her puppet masters. I think she will be dealt with this time though. Especially with the whole country watching closely. Seems like Trump is sending the necessary resources there to handle this situation. Time will tell.

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She is in really serious sheep dip this time ! could be jail time !!

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Yea, it's not going to end well for those accused of voter fraud. Thankfully, lots of people are voicing their concerns throughout the country to expose these frauds.

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More protests are planned.

We are watching!

Call for hand recounts!

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Don't let the Dems do the hand count !

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The more real this gets the more likely another false flag will happen.

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Like more wildfires in CA? The state just happened to combust immediately after the news of voter fraud started coming out.

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I am so very angry that these evil sobs are burning down my state. Heads better roll. This is unreal.

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Hell, at this point you wouldn't think there is much left to burn ! Shame it isn't Mad Maxes house !

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Can martial law be declared in Broward County only?

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Honest question; if Martial Law were declared in Broward County, do you not think the resulting (staged) street protests in cities all over the country would also immediately require similar security measures? I'm in SoCal, and we are quite familiar with petulant street demonstrations and they ain't pretty.

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I think I heard someplace that the state board of election is bipartisan. They should go down and take over the counting.

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GO citizens of Florida!! We are with you! Demand they make this right and prosecute them all. They were warned. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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Clearly and massively warned !

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31 year Florida resident.... Time to clean house....!!!!! Go Gov. Scott....!!!!!

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I do believe the nation is getting a clue as to why Broward county was 'chosen' for a school shooting too.

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