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Patriot, they never thought DOJ and DHS would FISA Warrant mid term elections either. which is their job to do when it comes to elections and safe guarding them, nothing like catching them in real time, Q stated elections were safe.

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There is something more to that decree...it needs a good dig. I get the Rino thing... but something more. 🤔

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I suspect this is the real picture,, Patriot, Soros, his organizations along with the DNC, used illegals to vote and voter fraud, to not only turn over the house but also the Senate. They then would impeach President Trump and establish a banana Republic. that is how one overthrows a Gov. Some serious crap is about ready to come down soon. they have no chopice now but to bring them all down.

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Restoring free and fair elections would be a big thing. It would restore power to the people.

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We need to stand in support of removing unfair practices in our voting procedure. We need to provide support for anyone having influence to stand for fair elections otherwise their only option is to give up.

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Amen and Thank you.

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😉 Patriot!

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