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"Made it unsafe for you and you and you...". And this went right over their heads. Like George Carlin said.. it's a big club and you aren't in it. They too are too stupid to realize how disposable each and everyone of them are.

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God Speed Mr. President! We love you!

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https://archive.fo/R4vOj :

Filthy Liberals on Twitter: "President Trump: I'll never forgive him for what he did to our military and I'll talk to you about it in the future." referring to Barack Obama #qanon #WWG1WWGA #TheGreatAwakening… /Y08ebKu3dn"

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(I call him obammy because I don't have a clue what his real name is....we know it isn't "obama", it might be Soetoro or it could be Soebarkah ...or it could be Subud.........so I'll stick with obammy)

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I like that he's extremely pissed. A lot of us are right now.

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25+ years of cold rage for me, ever since I understood what Bill Clinton did with the Chinese.

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Yeah, he is at the "going for the jugular" stage now.....he ain't scared, he knows he's got him -- and a lot of others