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Every time he does these impromptu press conferences, he is on a roll. "(he) will never forgive (Obama) for making the military weak". "Broward County is a disgrace." "(these scandals and shady practices) always go the way of the Democrats". He is tough and tells it like it is WITHOUT any teleprompters! God Bess Him!!

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Did you hear him say to the reporter with the Mueller question....."That is a stupid question." Good man, good man indeed! He also explained about Acosta and it is all true that people, anybody, even press must respect the building (WH) they are standing in as well as the POTUS. He spoke about the boxes of ballots being found after the election and that Brenda woman in FL who already had past problems regarding vote counting. The man is simply incredible. He knows all current events, tells the truth about them and provides means to ending problems. He loves our military and explains what Obama did to it, meaning deliberately, as we all know.

Bottom Line, President Donald J. Trump is THE best President ever!

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I LOVE the way he speaks. and the mealy mouth WORMS always say he is UNFIT!

It is THEY (Hillary, Bush, Obama et al) who are UNFIT. In FACT, THEY are a DISEASE that needs to be CURED.

We DO NOT need leaders who speak in vague dreams (useless LIES) to us like we are toddlers and 12 year olds and vapid women.

We are NOT in this TOGETHER. The INCOMES alone SCREAM that is a LIE!

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As well as their many, many non-profits. It is disgusting!

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AGREED! EVERYTHING they say is masked in some sort of rosey sounding title or phrase, when it is actually a cover of a CRIME and LIES!