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Whatever. They can sell that lie however they want. A few close friends had miscarriages and I was there for them. Not a single one used language or descriptions like that. Period. While each was unique in how it affected them, they had similar experiences in terms of how they perceived it and what was going on. That whole article reads like someone writing about something they've never experienced but are trying to put words to. Women attach things to pregnancy for negative or positive. They talk about the babies as babies, living things, they talk about what happened. It gets ugly and real and raw. Even if that were a real account it lacks the specifics that come with the experience. Also, every woman knows how common miscarriages are. Maybe men don't but women do. When women at the outset of pregnancy say they just want a healthy, happy baby they are saying they know the odds, the challenges.

“leaving me largely on my own to manipulate my reproductive system into peak efficiency.”

What woman have you ever heard use that language? Ever? Sisters? Best friends? Wives? Girlfriends? Mothers? Grandmothers? Neighbors? Co-Workers? I've overheard a ton of conversations, especially in the work place. I have never ever ever heard any woman say that.

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Joan rivers said it first: everyone in Hollywood knows shes a tyranny. And why they know? They are tons trannies in tinseltown. Most movies and tv stars and talk shows and the kicker hallmark movies. Most women leads appear to have Michelle's features. Look close They are men. What if they are in media? Most networks. So then understand some are mind controlled, demon messed with, and trannies all rolled in one . Whew!

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Do a Google (images) search for "obama bulge." You'll see what a lot of us are questioning.

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Oh, I know exactly what everyone is talking about. Also, those kids are adopted. If not the first, definitely the second. And that is a fact.

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Don't forget, she also says her two daughter were conceived by IVF!

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Oh, I know.

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What chapter covers the sex change?

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Michael..... It's a man. This is sympathy cover.

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I’d like a DNA test to prove those girls are”hers”? By the way, where are they?

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Back with their real parents I would think.

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I think “she”’s trying to gain public sympathy for “her” tribunal sentence. And we probably won’t even know.

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So we are to believe "her" words then? Only libs will buy into it. Then the others will be posting "Up Town Funk" dancing package pics and videos, including close ups and slow downs.

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Good God. She’s trying to get a sympathy Presidential election. This is bull. I had miscarriages and conceived two children without any help. She thinks this is going to rally women.

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She is a drag queen, first gays as President lol.

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She is a man. Not possible

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