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When examining Q for legitimacy, I'd like to suggest you look at the behavior of those who profess belief.

When you do so, I further suggest you learn the meaning of "post hoc ergo propter hoc."

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Regarding inconsistencies between Q posts and events unfolding:

I'd like to suggest we consider the value of "strategic misinformation".

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Don't encourage them...

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Now I get what you are saying and I have my moments also. however, if Q=Alice = Alice =HRC then Trump would not be on board and signaling Q every chance he gets...We know Trump is for us. Let's trust his signaling. It is beyond obvious at this point.

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No sitting President has ever campaigned in the mid terms as actively as Trump. No President has ever drawn such massive crowds. Were these rallies just to get out the vote or did they also serve to highlight just how rigged the elections are?

We will know shortly.

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The Q quote that most perplexes me.... "trust Mueller" "trust Rosenstein" "trust Sessions" I didn't then and I don't now, I'm thinking with you guys.

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I agree. I think part of the problem is Q gave us a sense that they were in total control, which isn't true. The swamp is highly motivated to fight with everything they have. They have the a lot of tools at their disposal and will continue to put up a good fight. They have:

Deep State infrastructure

blackmail and extortion material on a lot of powerful people


Big tech

The uncanny ability to look directly into the camera and lie while smiling

Tens of millions of useful idiots that they can manipulate with the push of a tweet

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One will have to admit that Q has open our eyes, our way of thinking and bringing us to the table when it comes to politics. Never in history has this done before, take one day at a time and question everything you see and hear especially when it comes to MSM reporting.

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Never in history has this done before

Where do you think you are posting this, Mr Pioneer?

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You're not far from the answer buddy.