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Arizona as well... enough is enough! Why the fuck would people vote in socialist globalist pieces of shit instead of jobs?! I'm literally on the verge of puking. So disgusted

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Voter fraud and/or election abuse is known to have happened in AZ, TX, (very, very likely CA and NM), FL, GA, PA, MN, IL. Without a doubt there are more.

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CO also a lot of illegals here also Just look at who they voted for Governor.

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FL with all those Puerto Ricans displaced by the Hurricane voting to send an FU to Trump. As much as they complain, how about we let them be autonomous and cut them lose along with their citizenship. I bet if that's discussed all of a sudden all those Puerto Rican politicians bashing the President will be all lovey dovey.

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In all studies women, including WHITE Women, lean socialist and democrat and anti-constitution.

Women want open borders as a majority. In fact the winner hard left governer of michigan bragged in her speech after winning (from all the women voters) that her campaing slogan was :

"Build more BRIDGES (to Mexico), not a Wall"

Thousands of years of western civilization is begin destroyed all over because 100 years ago Women were given the right to vote.

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That is not true LMAO i know MANY WHITE Women that hate dems and would never ever vote for a Dem so that statement is 100% false there buddy .and they are more on it for building the wall then most men are that is a fact

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Cite sources. Polls are unreliable.

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No civilization has ever survived the granting of legal emancipation to women, in the long term...

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Tell me how every other Republican in my state won huge but the senate to the wire? Then a 9000 vote spike for the dems?

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Notice that the magically found votes only favor democrats.

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This also happened in the NC governer's race. Suddenly votes were discovered late on the election night in Durham and Viola! just enough to get the Democrat into the house.

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And the republican always just lays down and takes it.

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Anyone else see a pattern here?? Every time there's a Democrat scandal there's a shooting...COINCIDENCE!!

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and LV survivors happened to be at the new one--must be running low on cr-isis actors

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Spot on as Always Vibratron! Excellent! It's Beyond outrageous! Patriots were expecting and watching for This Proof!

See this and a link inside where people from all over are telling their stories, eyewitness accounts and giving Video footage.

Proof Abounds! These Vigilant Patriots are Awesome!


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Typical democratin lies, cheat and steal. There should be NO democratic party. Theyrenot tp be trusted

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They don't want you looking at the shooting either, it's not even on reddit.

They tied up some loose ends with it.

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'loose ends', do elaborate

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find the names of the people that died in the california shooting, all las vegas survivors.

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There is voter Fraud in GA, FL, NY,NJ,PA,CA,Missouri, oh and Texas they ALL need investigated, our job is to call and put pressure on them over the Dems trying to steal elections we also need to demand Gerrymandering STOPS they redistrict so that dems win which should be outlawed they have been trying to stack states for years now that is part of their plan to rule USA we must not allow this to continue folks we need to step up and save our country by putting pressure on them to stop it and reverse those states that allowed the gerrymandering ASAP !!

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