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"On Thursday night Governor Scott commanded the state police to immediately investigate the Democrat ballot generation operations." I think they forgot besides winning the election he is STILL the Governor. They are Stupid.

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And moratorium on investigation of voter fraud by republicans has expired.

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Understand that. But this is a Florida Bureau of Law Enforcement investigation concerning violating Fl State Laws.

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End of the day any legal challenge ultimately ends up in the SC and we all know how that ends.

That is why Kavanagh was so important,.

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No words. Wow. Just wow.

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I thought all ballot counting was done on camera these days? Wouldn't that just make sense?? !

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I have been waiting for November for so long, I hope we finally see something happen over voter fraud this month.

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Maybe there are cameras - at least cell phone video. Someone in that room has to be honest - dont they? There better not be a shredder in there!

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Doubt anyone honest in that room... Its the home of Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

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I should have known - it just gets better and better. I'm sorry.

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So what it’s over Muslim Brotherhood Goon Gollum lost.

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