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The petitioners put it ALL in there! It was extremely enlightening. Heads are about to roll.

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I think it needs to be clear that this is Election fraud not Voter fraud. Voter fraud is done by individuals, and yes it is a concern. Election fraud is a much bigger issue as it is done by those who are in a position of power and with something as simple as a line of code can bypass the will of the electorate. In the Bernie/HRC primary the ballots that could be manipulated went to her and those that couldn't, as easily, went mostly to him. The exit polls revealed up to 17% deviation from the actual, i.e. presented, results. 3% in monitoring of elections is grounds for investigation. Please be wary of actors who spout the voter fraud narrative. It may be a diversion from their election fraud.

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If you read the full content of the writ submitted you will see that evidence of both voter and election fraud was submitted.

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Cheers. I have found that many folks, me included in the past, don't differentiate them well. Was just trying to bring this forward.

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no wonder they are all in panic mode, everything and everyone is being exposed.