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Being gay, I don't agree with the idea that people "turn gay." But there are exceptions to every rule and you may have found one

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Yes, I agree. I think this is where I agree with the idea of a spectrum. People sometimes forget how powerful the human brain is at internalizing ideas. If someone from a young age is taught negative things about a sex, and they are someone who has a more malleable temperament I don't see why it wouldn't be possible for someone to want to have more sexual interactions in a way that reinforces what they were taught from a small age.

Of course, this is not true for everyone. Clearly there are lots of people who are gay or lesbian as can be, and will be that way regardless of the pressures of society. This is natural.

I think in the end we should all just care less about what other people are doing in the bedroom.

edit: Except for Pedophiles. That behavior is not ok.

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Hollywood got to Neil Patrick Harris before Whoopi got to him. Being stalked by Whoopi wouldn't turn me gay. It would make me conceal and carry.

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NASTY! Gorillas run from that ape.

The bugs on planet 12, from Starship Troopers, done got in his brain.

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"turn gay" wow