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The Left will spend our tax dollars to give them free health care and housing. I want to spend tax dollars to keep them out of society. Whether those dollars go to jails or the wall makes less difference.

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We already paid for their housing, food and health care during their PRISON TIME for pedo crimes.
Now they are trying to come back into America to perpetrate more pedo crimes.

Enough is enough!

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I say auto 20 years roe the reentry, then deport, if they come back again.. Life in prison! Thank God they showed up in background check !

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I truly want to know if anyone knows of ANY country in the world that has open borders. Asking so I can counter lib arguments. I'm not aware of any others.

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Yes other country do have open boards. Venezuela and Columbia is a great current example for open boarders. Columbians would go a crossed the boarder buy up as much supplies as possible and sell them on black markets on their side of the boarder. Issue is they would only accept Venezuela currency on the black market (There is only a set amount on of printed bolivar and can’t be reprinted) they we’re able force Vene. Citizens to buy their own supplies in Colombia on the boarder. They were able to get tens of millions of bolivar and kept using it to steal and help further destroy the Venezuela economy. Remember this when you start hearing the propaganda in the media.

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All countries have borders. It is what makes them a country.

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I agree! I say if we were flying to Mexico or any other country, we would need to A) go through customs & B) have a passport!!! Why don’t we expect them to do the same? As usual their argument makes no sense!

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Anyone that wants to abolish ICE is a traitor

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stop child trafficking by voting the democrats out of office, build the wall and save a child.

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Dems sure as hell not getting my vote.. Ever again!

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Third world shit holes sent us all their criminal psychopaths. Soros/Demtards provided the transportation.

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Agree. Hussein actually gave them an open invitation.

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We need a red tsunami in November!
We need more honorable judges.

We need to protect American children from these pervs.

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You asked for it. You shall indeed have it. Faith Patriot. Have Faith. We will win and keep on winning. When you go vote take a friend or neighbor with you. Double your vote. =-) WWG1WGA! MAGA!

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Agreed! Patriot! WWG1WGA! MAGA!

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the Dem's love those people ask Ruth Ginsburg

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Thanks to Pres. Trump and other Patriots, pedophile rings are being destroyed. Do a search, untold numbers arrested and its just the beginning.

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Why do people feel, on both sides, that it is so inhumane to just execute these types of fucks?

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We follow the US Constitution and the rule of law (otherwise, we would look like the mid-east).
USA main problem is judges that hate our Constitution and don't follow our laws.

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I agree with that arguement. I love the Constitution trust me. However, after a swift and just trial has been had...execute the fucks...immediately. Also, where does it EXACTLY state in the Constitution that illegals have the entitlement to the protection of the rights we have? We need to stop playing nice is all I am saying. Our pussification for not doing the dirty work is leading to greater harm than good.

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Because most people on both sides are no better than them.

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