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Great Analysis and summary. You are right! We are to trust Sessions, and I totally believe this is a Trump Sting Op.

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The left will feign outrage the sessions will get fired and push against it

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chum in the water.

Ironic I just explained what chum was 2 days ago to somebody. It's ground up [something, usually another animal] used to bait sharks towards a [trap]

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Someone is going to need a bigger boat

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ha ha ha Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA. cutting more bait.

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why not Patriot, the fish are really biting lately.

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Gowdy I could TOTALLY get behind, but Lindsey Graham - no way. Graham crackers has had some fantastic moments during the Kavanaugh hearings, but a few good deeds does not negate yeeeeeeeeeears of No Name collusion and all of his flip-flop POTUS bashing. Not to mention his affectionate love fest with Huma Abedin at No Name's funeral. No way would I trust Graham in a major position like AG or DAG when he's got such a shady past and is so clearly conflicted and compromised.

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Lindsey Graham was asked and has stated in a recent interview that he would absolutely not accept a position in the Trump administration. He was pretty adamant about it.

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Yeah, Graham wants to stay a Senator and thinks he has the most value to POTUS in that capacity. I'd prefer Graham to stay in his same role too - all good there!

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I feel the same way for the most part. But I still don't know that nature of Graham's strings prior to being cut. I don't know if he was engaged in criminal/corrupt activity for its own sake or whether something, like his sexual orientation, was leveraged against him.

I tend to think that his support for Trump, via the Kavanaugh nomination for example, is real and not just because Trump is pulling the strings.

Yeah the Huma this is an issue, on the other hand I have heard that the moment the Weiner laptop was in law enforcement hands, that Huma's been cutting a deal to saver her skin and sell Hillary et al down the river. You don't keep an "Insurance File" for nothing. lol.

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https://archive.fo/gstt7 :

Trump Is Mulling Candidates Who Could Succeed Jeff Sessions - WSJ

https://archive.fo/s1RLS :

Trump Consults on Successors for Chief of Staff John Kelly - WSJ

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We don't need Niki ,,,if we GET OUT OF THE UN. As for Sessions,,,well it took me along time to fall for the TRUST STEALTH SESSIONS...SO, I will stand with that. See, I am from Alabama, and was here and needed his Al. AG help one time....he did not help.

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They are clueless.