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When they have nothing positive to counter a political rival, they quickly resort to violent rhetoric. They truly have no agenda and no answer to all of Trumps great accomplishments. Imagine if a Democrat could even approach this level of success the headlines would be dazzling. So evident they have nothing and are literally promoting violence as an antidote to Trump. SAD

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I totally agree with you Patriot, and even their violence is working against them. Total meltdown in progress.

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Ms. Wallace should be careful what she wishes for, bad things have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass!

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Patriot, exactly, they are so desperate and it is showing.

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I'm shocked. People at MSNBC live with fantasy?

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I am a little shocked MSNBC is being this obvious, no longer hiding their real faces. Patriot.

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and MSM fake news enemy of we the people, keep exposing their violence and support of violence more each day.