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I love zerohedge, but they're some doom and gloom motherfuckers.

They predict the end of western civilization on about a weekly basis.

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Trust the plan Patriots!!!

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Q, told us the Internet and the phones might go down. I am up for whatever the President is in need of to get Deep state Out and off the air.

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Q did say that, so it is possible. MAGA. WWG1WGA ! VOTE VOTE VOTE straight red ticket.

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Good Deal, just funny how we all run with the great Indo! WWG1WGA,<<<<< tell you President Backdoor on twitter that's his Handle. I love it.

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Purpose. I cannot reveal where I work - we were hit HARD yesterday. Thousands of emails deleted from tens of thousands of employees.

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what I notice today, sign into voat with google, missing stories and my points gone, go immediately to Duck Duck go everything shows up ? points and stories were not missing, try again with google and all missing again. good to be aware what the enemy is doing. when they shut down the internet, the whole world will rise up against the Globalists. while they weaponized the internet they forgot it was a double edged sword.

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I believe that the possibility of this event is one of the reasons behind the Emergency Broadcast Test. Suspect that taking down the Internet is a good way of stalling a lot of information from getting out; also, would purge lots of bad information from the net--by that I mean it could purge the evidence for a lot of illegal and illicit activity. Q has suggested this possibility for months.

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Agree that this was done completely to purge evidence.

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So what were the Ham radio frequencies recommended to follow the news?

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Wow. Just imagine the implications of a much larger scale shut off.

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Hope Q post something about this today.

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