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I think everyone is finally getting the picture that the leftists don't care about women or blacks, etc. What they care about is winning power, period. They will use whomever and whatever cause in order to do so. Women who think this way are not going to come to the aid of another woman who they don't agree politically with, as you just saw. All this "we believe survivors" bullshit is just that, bullshit. No one should believe anything one of these libtards has to say. They are calculating, moral-less people.

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It's disgusting that the leftist women on this sidewalk refused to believe THIS woman, when she has the video, but they totally believed Freaky Ford with no corroboration at all!

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Leftist women showing their true colors, hypocrites

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It's not even that they're hypocritical -- It's that in general, they lack the brain power to assess situations whatsoever. They're simply "crowd pleasing" sheep that blindly follow the mob, terrified of not socially conforming and losing acceptance. I'm starting to wonder if this is why they were denied the right to vote in the past ... sadly, it's starting to make sense.

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all leftist liberals are VIOLENT RAPISTS RACIST PIGS

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K, so when does the killing start, I'm far past having had enough.

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It seems to happen a lot that when a lib biased "reporter" interviews a conservative the conservative tries to explain their point, then the libs twist what is said and try to make the conservative out to be some crazy. When a conservative reporter interviews a lib the libturd usually does something crazy! And the " news" about the interview is about whether or not the reporter deserved whatever crazy crap the libturd did! They have no substance so they resort to craziness!

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Democrats have lost the plot.

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It's the only way lefty men will ever know what a vagina feels like.

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oh my gosh, this is so funny, and very possibly true for many of them.....men will do crazy things for sex.....would not put it past them to come up with a plan to schmooze the girls for some extra curriculars.

[–] Food_Stamp 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

Look at the caliber of women that these far-left crazies associate with, absolute trash. I bet they'd do almost anything for the attention of a reasonably attractive woman.

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