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In China all we whites are like superstars to them 😎

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It's also okay to oppose the sacrificing of your people on the multicultural altar of diversity with cultural Marist ideologies like progressive liberalism and it's equally destructive predecessor civic nationalism.

Remember: America was established by whites, for whites.

Failure to regulate the non-white demographics in white nations will only condemn the real Americans, Europeans et al to demographic replacement in their own lands.

Ethnonationalism is both natural and as American as the founding fathers who espoused it.

Diversity is and always has been the antithesis of unity. A 'strength' only to the enemies of whites who seek our destruction.

Nobody complains when Israel or Asia acts to protect their various nations' homogenous populations. Those who impose a double standard by persecuting whites who want this same protection for their people are pro-genocide, anti-white racists themselves.

Reject them and embrace your ethnonationalist heritage. We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

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Sick of everyone saying i stole the australian aboriginals land when i dont have land...These accusations come from people who now own property...are they in possession of stolen property..?. I had 6 forefathers that came as convict slaves to Australia...Now I'm copping white privilege....Sick of the rising bullshit... I wont even level a racist claim about it because we know only white people fit their racism model.....FUCKWITS......go away!

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Go find some original Egyptian art and tomb paintings, notice anything? Yep, there were many fair skinned people in high positions among the darker skinned races back then, it was alright to be a whitey, even in Egypt.

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It just sucks we even have to remind people it's okay to be white. I really miss the good ole days, with after school programs on my cool, fancy Curtis Mathis color tv and Saturday morning cartoon's. WWG1WGA! MAGA!

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Huh...O...and can I get a hot tub!

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