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True, at age 53 Muhammad married one of his sex slaves Aisha at age 6, and waited almost 3 years (8.5 years old) for the man approaching his sixties to start raping her, AND AFTER AISHA had her first period , or age 9 depending on which ancient texts you follow.

Disgusting Muhammad!

A Muslim nowadays may only marry 4 sex slaves, not 40, and each sex slave wife must be age 9 (or 8.5 in lunar month count). The girl must NOT live under her fathers roof, and must have had her first period.

In Iran as of June 2002 it is legal for a 9 year old girl to marry 53 year old men

Muslims have devout rules.

Muhammad's 6 year old wife Aisha :


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My anti-virus detected malware on that second site link.

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WTF, who drew that?

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Wouldn't physical castration be more permanent and foolproof? I mean, after all, aren't they pushing all forms of genital mutilation these days? This is one procedure I could support.

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If they are left alive, they will be so pissed off that they will find other ways to molest the children !

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That's probably too true. : (

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Would they want to if everything hanging down there was removed? Wouldn't that take away all male desire?

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wheres @zyklon_b when you need him...

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I am here and gots me knife

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Chemical castration should involve melting their genitals off with acid.

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But... er... what do they do if that method melts the pee pee place together? Eeeewww, that could be a nasty explosion if they can't go.

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Personally, if the evidence was 100% irrefutable, then I feel they should be executed. They’re beyond redemption. I couldn’t give less of a shit about their urinary problems.

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Chemical castration is a hoax. They just make them take androgen blocking hormones. Who monitors that they are still taking them?

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After 3 years the damage to testicular volume and testosterone output is actually permanent. They hide that juicy fact.

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There are actually FEMALE pedophiles as well so whats the score there then? Equality of punishment hopefully

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Is true, On our local sex offender registry there are quite a few women.

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Just hang them.

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Make it public!

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Why risk a kid? Put them in jail for life. Only thing to do with them short of execution.

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But if the only proof is that "He said, she said" 30 years ago?

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That nurse looks like she will enjoy her job.

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