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Isn’t it bizarre how these cases are dealt with so differently than ones involving regular citizens, whatever the country the priest or the citizens reside? It’s like....oh Father So and So is a priest so the Vatican can handle this! Unprecedented power given to the Vatican that it is able to take first chair in the justice hierarchy of literally, the whole world. The rest of us are legally subject to the laws of our countries above all others, but not these people. Father X molested 45 kids....let’s wait and see what the Vatican says! Just ridiculous.

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The Vatican may be in Rome, but it's a sovereign entity, like a country, so maybe that's why.

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Also look up Cardinal George Pell

Hes already been in front of parliamentary inquries to serial sexual abuse in the australian catholic church. And guess why it took so long to get him in front of those inquiries? Sequestered in Rome wasnt he!

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I've heard of Pell. This shit is so global. Hiding behind Vatican walls does delay things. Hope we can eventually catch up to all of them!

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its rampant. has been for centuries. and the same people are targetted every time. those that have no capacity to fight back, and the orthodoxy (unrecognised) of the followers of that church means that its either 'gods will' or 'lies'

christian brothers college destroyed an entire generation of men in country victoria, ballarat had a run of a ridiculous amount of some 30% of men in two or three generations committing suicide, and a ridiculously high child sex offence rate.... all of these men had been vocal from the start what was happening to them from youth, and even now, catholic fucktards do the same fucking shit outside of courthouses with victims of church sex offenders that they do at abortion clinics and/or theyre made to feel like they brought it on themselves.

What women claim happens to them leeeeeeeeterrrrrraaaaaaaaallllllllllly every day, happens to actual genuine male victims every day who DO say something, but invariably end up being counter claimed against and either shamed or blamed for something theyre accused of in retaliation for speaking out.

And fuck thats not even a sexual violence thing, its exactly the same between men and women with emotional psychological and physical violence as well

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God is dealing with the sin in his house! May these men fear his wrath, for it will be GREAT!

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Time for this all to be exposed world wide.

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Seems like it slowly is looking at Chile, Brazil, Ireland, Pennsylvania, Australia, the Vatican itself, and more that I'm probably forgetting.

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I agree patriot, it all needs to be exposed. these kids need our help.

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Vatican City should be razed to the ground.

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Joshua blow your trumpet and crumble those walls of theirs!

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These satanic priests need to be hung in public.

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When defrocking just isn't enough....

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The pope's bad May continues....