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I say they're Marxists and Marxism is anathema to democracy. Marxists want to violently overthrow our government. I say all Marxists are traitors to our country and need to be treated accordingly. This isn't just a rant. This is actually what needs to be done.

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"I say they're Marxists and Marxism is anathema to democracy."

First of all, what democracy? We have a Constitutional Republic.

Marxism, socialism, democratic socialism, fascism............the ism doesn't matter........they are all STATIST ideologies. Statism is the enemy of individual liberty.

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yes, enemy combatants= GITMO= execution

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Like spoiled brats.

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They are. They are the monster we have created because they've grown up with no spankings, no religious belief, no consequences. They truly believe everyone gets a trophy. They do not understand merit or working or saving for a future or preserving things of value -- and they certainly don't understand valor, honor, things bigger than themselves that are worth preserving. They are so fragile they need Safe Spaces to keep from cracking under normal pressures of life.

They are weak -- mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

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Dead on. One of the things I look forward to if it should ever come to that be it political, war, or natural disaster is watching them waste away because they have no abilities. They can grow food, they can't hunt, they can't fish, they are in no shape to cut wood to cook or draw water in large quantities and carry it any distance. They can make for themselves things they need to live, tools, kitchen utensils, pots, pans, nothing. They are going to be in a hurt locker and I will be comfortable in my warm abode with plenty of food and water.

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Not gonna argue as I agree. But realize the pendulum swings both ways. A simple look at history and you will see that such have been here before and were pushed out and the strong moved in and set up shop. Then the strong got old and the young grew up in the life of ease and it started all over again. They will go away soon enough and a stronger generation will arise and then the cycle will start again. Life as we know it has been this way for a very long time. Humans as we see them historically have also been what we see for a very long time. Each generation has its ups and its downs. This generation is riding to its up and then when it heads down it will be a much harder fall as they have no preparation for dealing with the down side when it comes.

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They believe everyone gets a trophy EXCEPT Christians...

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Brain dead zombies.

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all of the above - both comparisons work. the nazi thing is more popularly known because bad education and hits closer to home because more of us are germanic than chinese

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I say these people are like spoiled children, that have had their way to long...time for some ass whooping! We are AMERICANS! We will NOT be subjected to this type of rule! God help those that attempt to turn our Country into nazi germany!

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Not exactly sure what they are like but they need to have the ever loving s*** beat out of them. Either by the cops or by us. Go back and watch clips of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago. This behavior isn't anything new for the "liberals".

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Liberals don't hang in violent mobs ... fascists do ... liberals don't. Liberals believe in live and let live.

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Stupid comment of Mr speaker. He should have said: Checkas.

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