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They can’t afford to lose the black vote. The left relies on 85% of blacks voting for Democrats even though the Democrats have kept them in poverty for over 75 years. Many are beginning to wake up and realize that the Democrats use black race traitors to control the narrative in the black community. Don Lemon is a prime example. He is an “Uncle Tom” of epic proportions! His hatred of the black community is palpable. The panel on CNN that used racist rhetoric to try and destroy Kanye West was a deplorable display. The “House Niggas” on CNN showed their true color. This should drive many in the black community to the conservative side. Blacks need to mobilize and vote republican! While they have a president in the whitehouse who is willing to help them

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=NM9rgPjcglE :

The intolerant left's attacks on Kanye West's White House visit - YouTube

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The deep state can't afford to let black folks see that there are plenty of blacks supporting Trump. That would never do so they have to make him look crazy. However with this move they are only shooting themselves in the foot .... again.

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so much for the diversity they claim.