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Well if there is enough evidence they don’t need testimony then I would imagine pleading the 5th wouldn’t change the outcome.

Note I’m no lawfag

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im not in that part of the law but id tend to agree.... if youve already got your evidence (and it sounds like you wouldnt be going after someone like these dudes if you didnt) then giving them the opportunity to give their side is in effect letting them dig their own grave.... if one of these people was to break and come right out and be honest, its a good bet the first thing that would happen is they would actually end up protected at the very least..... theres also the ol 'better the devil you know than the one you dont'

far far far less serious but i do plenty of investigations for.. well.. all sorts, nothing high level, but in my case, if i havent already got exactly what i need to prosecute already lined up, i dont arrest... in my case we are talking seeing someone looking sus when im watching a camera (or someone else is) and going down to watch them myself, so a matter of minutes, rather than years of digging through, but the concept remains the same, i dont need you to tell me anything, i already know what youve done and i can already prove it beyond 'finds committing any offence' which means i cant be charged with false arrest (Sect 461 Crimes act - Arrest made on reasonable grounds shall remain lawful) but if YOU tell ME what youve done, then i can then focus on the WHY.... now if youre a junkie (youre not going to be honest with me anyway) then im gonna fuck you up because thats what you need.... but if youve pinched... a pair of new underpants, some socks, and some food, and youre clearly in dire need of it.... im far more likely to just ban you from the place, or and i have done this fucking pay for it myself and tell you not to come back.

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Q says "We have it all." They don't need their testimony to convict them. Military Tribunals don't require a warrant so they can use NSA surveillance info. https://scholarship.law.upenn.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?referer=https://www.google.com/&httpsredir=1&article=7948&context=penn_law_review

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https://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/chelsea-clinton-ivanka-trump-friends-227950 Ivanka introduced POTUS at Human trafficing speach , DINA POWELL, A VALERIE JARRETT/HUMA ABEDIN PAL, SHOULD NOT BE UN AMBASSADOR You don't drain the swamp by appointing the swamp. The chess may not be what we think. Stay alert people.

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Depends what intelligence they've got on her previous misdeeds, people do flip based on that. There will be no progress or achievement without sacrifice, better that we offer up one of their own pawns, than one of ours.

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I do not think anyone "Flips" People will pretend to save their ass, but will wait until they are "rescued" and then use any intel to report back to their real bosses. They worship evil, I don't think that's something they just turn off.

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Hard to speak with a noose tightening around your neck. All these bad actors are beginning to see the trap even as they are beginning to realize that there is no escape. There will be much thrashing about but in the end they will be caged.

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Generally we don't ask questions unless we know why we're asking what it is we're asking. Rarely we fish; the Left fishes, we don't, we ask questions we have vested interests in bringing to light.

IF we have the evidences, in many cases digital records of...reality as it played out, the same evidence which always existed still exists, all that has happened is people invoke their Rights. Rights don't protect you from your criminal acts, they merely mitigate how you are accused.

They maybe seek deals, stalling, bargaining. Maybe they also hold out hope the Left will carry elections and rescue them.... But most likely they simply chose the safest thing; if you are not sure of what the other guy knows why would you chance anything? They know their exposure, so make deal or clam up is all they have.

Same evidence we had, we still have.


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I'll just drop this link here to my voat post, something I found after participating in this thread... H.R. 193 - American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017

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Proofs in the pudding. WWG1WGA!