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We need to get rid of lobbying and OMG, how the ever loving fuck do we get rid of the ubiquitous Goolag?

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This surprises anyone? Evil is as evil does! But they will all pay dearly for it! God Bless America! MAGA

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Pedos love pedos. Google and Podesta.

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DARPA's is Google,CIA is Google Isnt/real is Google. Pedo/vore enablers are google.

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Give money to the lobbying group that has blackmail dirt on everyone in Washington. Google needs to be sued using antitrust laws and broken up into a million pieces. So does FB and Twitter. Need to allow for a free and open internet

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You can't see it, but I'm wearing my "shocked" face right now...

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https://heavy.com/news/2016/07/charles-kushner-jared-dad-ivanka-father-in-law-donald-trump-jail/ before we pat ourselves on the back, Please start looking into the Kushner family. POTUS may be blinded by love of family. Or is he? I need clarity as I am becoming confused.

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Great article.

“McNally described Google’s political censorship as a threat to the First Amendment, “It terrifies me even more … that what we’ve been saying is absolutely happening. The scariest part of the document is [Google declaring it opts for] ‘European tradition’ rather than ‘American tradition.’ That means they want to undermine not only the First Amendment but our Constitution.”