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Trump explicitly thanks Rod Rosenstein [RR] in those remarks about ending human trafficking. HMMMMMM......

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Will Rod & Bob turn out to be white hats after all??? Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of the Q Chronicles....

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[RR] is a Republican. Makes me wonder if we're watching Kabuki theater the longer this dance goes on.

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Hmmm. Yup

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I noticed this one....

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This is what Q was talking about when he said justice moves slowly. Have everything in place. Justice K confirmed, federal judges confirmed ( Grassley & Senate), new human trafficking task force... greasing the wheels of justice so they can start turning a bit quicker.

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Uplifting! To hear that! Whats up with RR getting a mention? Pres Trump is getting diplomatic.

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Wow! He sure is! Thanks for this info :)

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Thank you, Heavenly Father! I pray that this will lead the way for human trafficking to be stopped worldwide. I can suffer many things in this current war, but I cannot suffer the abuse of children and the helpless. May God be glorified by these efforts, and may He lead the way into battle and onto victory!

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Q is always asking what the confirmation count was for RR and Sessions. Believe the count was 93-7 for RR and 53-47 for Sessions

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I wouldn’t be surprised if RR was the secret stealth. DS watches sessions, love RR and Potus fighting. They’ll never even see it when RR drops the hammer on em.