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So good. This case seeks info about Benghazi.

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Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch.... President, is a true Patriot who works relentlessly to bring the bad actors to justice.

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As a part of questioning, they should ascertain who in the State Department rescheduled the end of Ramadan (Eid al-Fitr) celebration feast from August 20, 2012 to September 13, 2012. Incidentally, one of the "holiest" feasts in Islam. [HRC] went to great effort each year to express her support for Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr with receptions and video remarks, including September 13, 2012 [ with blood on her hands ].

As Huma Abedin stated in a Sept 12 email to [HRC] "eid reception could not have been worse timing."

With all the security issues and militant incidents in Libya the months prior, did somebody with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood give a heads up there would be something worth celebration on the 911 anniversary?

Was the rescheduled celebration retribution for Rep Bachmann calling out ties to the Muslim Brotherhood within the State Department on the floor of Congress? Maybe somebody in the C_A (with a high enough security clearance to know such things...hint, hint) or a predominant muslim in the WH passed on the recommendation to move the celebration date.

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Hoorah! It's a good start! Finally! WWG1WGA!

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I can hear her testimony now, "I don't recall." Repeated, over and over.

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https://archive.fo/gXAzY :

Federal Court Orders Hearing in Judicial Watch Case Seeking Testimony of Hillary Clinton - Judicial Watch

'The documents requested include:In addition to documents, Judicial Watch seeks depositions, including a deposition of Hillary Clinton that would include Mrs. '

'The hearing was set by U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth. '

'Judicial Watch seeks:This is the lawsuit that forced the Clinton email system issue into the public eye in early 2015. '

'In 2014, a related Judicial Watch case brought to light the fact that the “Internet video” talking points regarding the Benghazi attack were orchestrated in the Obama White House. '

'The State Department opposed Judicial Watch’s proposal, and in December 2016 Judge Lamberth both parties to file new proposed orders in light of information discovered in various venues since the previous May. '

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She as all the others will refuse to appear and then..puff-puff slapping hands as dusting movements.."pooh not going to speak" cannot allow (American people to have a small thought away from libtards! Periop)

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Benghazi, Hillary,..... dead people can't give testimony. She left them to die.

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