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Wow won’t even own up to what he said. I’m sure the campaign will cut him loose like an anchor. I wish everyone could see what a bunch of lying assholes these “moderate” Demon-Crats are! How STUPID do they think the electorate is ? They’ve been getting away with this shit for years.time to RED WAVE these bastards. And strength the laws to keep them from lying their way into power the next time.

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Unfortunately not enough people see this.

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I agree Patriot, we need to email this out to everyone we know, and ask them to forward to all the people they know. time the swamp creatures like Bredesen are exposed.

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O'Keefe is fantastic. Oh, and TY Taylor for the pre-midterm R surge. Keep up the great work. These people are STUPID.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=cwV9n_c9eTo :

James O'Keefe Interviews Bredesen Campaign Staff and Manager for Comment on Undercover Video - YouTube

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Fantastic!! They need to do alot more of this!!

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