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Trump needs to take control of the Fed. They are purposely trying to tank the economy in order to effect the election in November. They are raising interest rates for no reason whatsoever and it is having a negative effect on the economy. There were no inflation issues that would require a fed rate hike, yet they keep hiking up the interest rate! WHY ? To benefit WHOM ? The President has the power to exert pressure on the Fed.

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I expect Trump to Nationalize the Fed and put it under the Treasury Dept.

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FED = Debt slave! Never borrow credit card debt. Delay gratification. Only buy what you can afford in the now.

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They are.pruposely trying to stall our economy. Their excuse: we need to control inflation.

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For those who don't know how the FED came to be... Look up "The Creature from Jekyll Island" . There are shorter versions too.


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This is part of the plan.

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(((Welcome to Operation Black Budget)))