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Just requested the voter list for my precinct from the registrar of voters. They're sending me a Word document file that I can edit and print. I'll be contacting Republicans and Independents a week before the election. Other conservatives in my precinct will be helping out. Also, I'll be doing some phone banking close to the election. The goal is to get our POTUS-endorsed candidates elected.

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Yes... this! Get out and vote! Do your research and trust the plan... And most important don't forget yer popcorn. WWG1WGA Patriots

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Normally I would disagree. Elections are temporary, and politicians that last dont swim upstream. Education/bubble popping for right, normals, and left is forever.

But we have a once in a lifetime opportunity with Trump. Republicans who were content to not help obama rather then resist, have reawakened. I think GOP 2018 has been more then good enough to deserve a vote.

The moderate gop I don't like need to be primaried not replaced with a dem by spite or sloth.

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THIS^^ TY PD...PATRIOT Superstar.

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Why share this here? Q's work is not dependent upon our approval. Any of us are free to leave any time we like and work in any way we like.

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Oy vey, evolution isnt real!!! All races are the same!! ((( think, what group would benefit most from that idea)))

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Looks like your job is forum sliding and vote farming with pointless no content shit.