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If Obama is found to be the Kenyan CIA stooge I believe he is, HE is going to be null and void, after a court martial, of course. .

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And a Hanging in public I hope!!

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Intentionally allowing spying for political gain, fast and furious, and the list is long.

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Yup. If Convicted of Treason

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Mark Taylor prophecy is that Obama will in fact be stripped of the Presidentcy...

[–] Queef_Anon 2 points 5 points (+7|-2) ago 

Taylor isn't a prophet of God. He's a speculator looking to make a name for himself.

[–] Titaniumman 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago 

If what you think is true then please point out which one of his prophecies has been proven wrong. Do you even know how he came about coming up with his prophecies?

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Yep. I have to agree. Mark Taylor has been spot on.

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Please let it be.

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What is the logical first move to make before you start arresting the deep state crooks. Take away their direct access to the ear of the people. The MSM should go down first. That means take out the controllers of the media, and the piss ant news readers that refuse to serve the new masters. Once that has been done the people can be fed a new line of shit, and they will just keep on swallowing it up like they always have.

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Supreme Court. Judges. FBI. DOJ. Marsals.

MSM is last I believe. Holloywood - some of them are converting from Deep State to the good guys as well.

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Exactly.. and I really don't see why that hasn't been done!

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Doubt this will happen. I wish it would but I just don't see it. Also don't believe the story that he pardoned himself and his cronies. Don't think this is possible. If I am wrong, I will gladly reconsider.

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Oh the pardons are 100% real, but him being found illegitimate is a far reach. I wish it would happen, but we have to pick our battles

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When we’re done he’ll claim Kenyan citizenship as a way to escape. Q

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I will never understand how a president can do crimes with others and just pardon himself and the other people involved... and leave it completely classified lol

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I looked into this story when I first heard it, several months back now--I was intrigued by both the fact that a pardon could be secret and that one could pardon oneself.Granted, pardons are a highly discretionary power. Honestly couldn't find anything to support or deny the idea. But the one thing I did find--you cannot pardon yourself or anyone for a future crime.and you cannot legally pardon someone for something which has not been adjudicated--it simply would not hold up and it would be an admission of guilt and as such would be grounds to explore, legally for crimes. Do you see what I am saying here?

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ok, how to you explain that anyone who has looked into the Hillary thing could prosecute the case against her for destroying governmental records, even one of us and yet, she has not yet faced a prosecutor looking to make a name for himself by having her brought before a federal grand jury?

The pardons must exist or too many people would have been arrested and facing charges (like Huma).

If you have a better explanation as to why evidence we all know exists and is pretty irrefutable has not yet been used, I'd love to hear it.

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One question you all need to think about. How do you pardon someone who has not been charged with a crime? No pardons Obama did will help the HRC cabal. They were not charged with a crime. So, we wait for real investigations to be completed. Don't forget, the DOJ and FBI did not complete any deep state investigations.

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I think Obama gave out a bunch of pardons under the table without letting them be known, and he does not have to make them public, Hillary was most likely one of the first to get one, would explain why the FBI just let her walk, However.. Treason in not covered by a Pardon! We can just hope that Treason can be proved.

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I don't think that is evidence of a secret pardon; I think it is evidence of the pervasive blackmail in D.C. If someone went to prosecute HRC and was barred from doing so because of a secret pardon, certainly, even in this environment some conservative journalist would get wind of that story. We are looking at a system with absolutely epidemic corruption. I voted no for HRC's senate run in NY--carpet bagging pure and simple. How did she get away with Benghazi? With tossing all publicly owned information by attacking servers with bleach byte? Trust me, there is a simple explanation and it is that our system stinks. I have a hopeful eye cocked to the future, but we'll see. How is it Dennis Hastert got such a sweetheart deal? Menendez?

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Where would you like to start? The Haitian relief funds that were taken? Or the child trafficking there? The trips the Epstein's pedophile Island? They pedophilia snuff video where she and Huma cut a little girl&s face off and wore it for maximum adrenochrome that made seasoned NY cops ill? 3,000 classified documents she shared with people with no security clearance? The illegal foreign campaign donations laundered through a fake charity

There is much more.

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Dead men 1) Tell no tales 2) Give no pardons

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Watch and witness...

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When you try to interpret laws like this, please also consider who it is who actually makes the final decisions in these matters and what would be the political optics of their actions.

The truth is that Trump is president, which means as the top of the executive branch he decides when to prosecute, and the supreme court gets to try the case and give a verdict.

If Trump is unpopular, Obama is very popular, and the supreme court is owned/blackmailed, then it doesn't really matter if Obama's presidency is "Null and Void" because the charges will be dismissed by the supreme court and the media will tell everyone that Trump just attacked Obama because Trump is racist.

In other words there's no greater authority to appeal to. It's politics all the way down.

That's why Trump isn't attacking Obama, but instead is attacking the media, while working to get more seats on the supreme court filled.

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Will Obama still have any support when everything is revealed?

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Evil will always side with evil. We have already seen multiple examples of evil not giving up. Remember, this is not a fight of Dems vs Reps; it is a fight of good vs evil. Remember, even after the Resurrection of Christ, God's greatest demonstration of power, evil forces promoted the lie that some Christians had stolen the body. Make no mistake that this will be a battle to the bitter end, but GOOD WILL TRIUMPH OVER EVIL!

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Also long as that big eared, purple biscuit lip'ed, mixed breed spear chuncker get nullified and voided they can do what they want with the rest of them. (no offense to any patriotic black patriots that may be reading)

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I think this is uncharted territory. I know of no SCOTUS ruling on limits to presidential pardons. Giving the criminals enough rope to hang themselves (again) for crimes committed during the past 2 years seems to indicate that POTUS and Q don't want to challenge the concept, but to indict and prosecute on new crimes.

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Presidential pardons are final.

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I think you're right; but if Obama's presidency is nullified, the pardons (and all laws and EOs) he signed should be able to be challenged and overturned. That will take years, however, so Q and Trump are trying to indict the criminals for their current crimes IMO. Ironically, this choice also takes time and all of us are getting restless.

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