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Absolutely, can't wait for the military tribunals. Come from a family that arrived before we were called the USA. Have ancestors that died in pretty much every war. Traitors deserve what traitors deserve. Prefer public execution. I know some will view this as harsh- examples need to be made so lessons are learned! Traitor is a very dirty word.

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"Traitor is a very dirty word."

True. But the dirty word of the DAY (for Judges and Courts to define) is.. Collaboration
Modern communication etc has complicated and expanded this concept and definition.

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Wait until treason charges come. Watch the MSM twist themselves into contortions trying to explain to their viewing/reading audience how this is "all blown out of proportion", "not as bad as everyone thinks" and even "OK, because 'everyone' does it."

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Enough of them [producers, programmers, and even a few journalists] will be unavailable for comment.

And the EBS will be telling people the truth, and turning them to official sources of information - which we will need to continue to be responsible and validate for ourselves.

And this should be temporary, as some organizations, although highly partisan, have enough integrity to remain intact. ABC news for example, will have massive new marketshare as MSNBC and CNN go dark, while CBS has to cut back most of its news programming for a few months while they find replacements.

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and even "OK, because 'everyone' does it."

"Everyone" isn't part of a global conspiracy to defraud the public in order to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.

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anyone attacking our Constitution and President is attacking our country and us and should be tried as an enemy combatant and have all their rights stripped from them ,then executed or in military prison, and if they do their time in prison then let out, they should be exiled from our country for the rest of their lives, and if they come back and caught they get executed.

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America has been heavily subverted. When their college professors, politicians, favorite celebs and musicians have been feeding them poison all their lives, they’re bound to act on that brainwashing. Some commies will need to be shot on sight, but I’m fine with attempting to reprogram those that can possibly be saved.

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the ones who do and did heinous crimes yes execute them the ones forced by family threats and blackmailed from being stupid enough to go to the elitist's mansions then drugged and filmed with children or what ever other sick shit they do while they were out of it free those ones,but never let them back in charge of anything.as for the brain dead youth of America we have to work on them i do all the time with my grand kids and their friends surprising enough they listen even my college granddaughter call them libtards and freaks have a great day

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"anyone attacking our Constitution and President is attacking our country and us and should be tried as an enemy combatant"

And great honest military or civilian judges like Justice Kavanaugh will decide what Constitutes 'attack' and 'collaboration'.

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thank god we have some in the SC now,

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As long as they’re not going to turn this around on President Trump and try to say he “colluded” with Russia and has to face a military tribunal. 😐

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Military Courts are impressed with solid proof not hollow accusations.

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For some reason, I still can't trust Graham.

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Graham made the difference. He's a free man and great Knight in Congress. Support him.

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I'll try.

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Flipped/Freed Roll OVER. Made the RIGHT choice. I just wonder, with his knowledge... how does he sleep at night!?!? In his case, the less he knew would have been better for him. I forgive, because JESUS forgave. WWG1WGA! MAGA! God's BLESSING America

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The difference is whether the mation was at war or not.

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This guy shovels more horseshit than the Kentucky Derby.

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This one answer alone may have been enough to panic the Democrats. They know who will end up in the military courts and it’ll be them, not us.

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