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It's not Where's Waldo? it's Where's Vincent? All we need now is some DNA to send in. LOL! I don't know if it is or isn't JFKjr, but it's fun just having the ? there. GREAT PICTURE!

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Who's the maga hat dude? Find him. Find out how tall he is and you'll have another metric to check against Jnr.

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We were there and saw him dancing around at the top of the vip section, To Food Stamp, lighten up. It was so much fun. No alcohol or drugs, just rock and roll and happy people. On the question of Vincent, if he isn't somebody important, how does he get into the vip section so often?

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i was wondering the same thing. I was at the Scranton Rally and looked for him there, but I realize Scranton is way far from Erie, so I didn't expect him to be there. I second your description though, it was a rocking great time, and if I had all of the money in the world, I'd probably go to all of the rallies just for the patriotism, the good vibes, Trump and the rock and roll! Did they do the wave last night? That was one of the highlights of the rally in Scranton in my opinion, it just showed what an awesome cohesive group we are.

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Yes, he is at all the rallies! Most, but still there are always pics of him wearing the same thing. Nothing would surprise me anymore. The world we live in is so bizarro...

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Exactly! If not for that I probably would not even entertain the theory. Something is up because he is almost a regular in the VIP. At least twice now he is situated close behind Trump.

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That is my thinking also. I was looking for them during this broadcast but didn't see them. Funny he is at so many rallies.

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I was going to make a joke but... nah.

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'HE' had a large sword tattoo on his right arm. Interesting that V is always seen in the VIP section. Wonder where he got that Vintage hat?

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1 the great sword of revelation??

2 his dad, jfk

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For the sword I was thinking Excalibur = Camelot = JFK's administration

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Did you see the sword tattoo, or did you hear that he had one? I'm curious because it is known that JFK jr does have a sword tattoo on his arm -- don't remember which arm.

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He does not have a sword tattoo that was a temp one put on for the photo shoot.

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Here is the link to JFK JR. Sword on right arm, piercing a Z. https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/tradition/a22691080/jfk-jr-shirtless-photos/

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I saw a picture of him with his shirt off. (HOT!) It was his right arm. Burned in my memory

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I dunno if it is or isn’t him.... But I do know there are a lot of coincidences when you travel down that rabbit trail

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It would be so sweet if it were him!

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I'm choosing to believe it IS him. That superimposed photo going around is a dead-ringer. Was his wife at the rally too?

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One thing that would help would be to know how tall the Patriot in the Q shirt is. JFK Jr was just shy of 6’ 1”.


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Thinking the same thing!

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If Vincent is him, don't doxx him. He chose to live the rest of his life as a free man.

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He's clearly stepping out from the shadows now.

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We gotta give this guy on the left a new handle. How about "John Q. Public"?

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