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Was confused for a bit but YES, think it was pre-planned and well orchestrated by Grassley and team, including Flake who was set up as the straw man. Yes, a brilliant maneuver highlighted by Feinstein's "What?" just after Grassely abrubtly adjorns on the 2 hour rule. Started to put it together after Graham quickly endorses Flake's suggestion and then the rush to McConnell's office, who quickly approved the limited scope only up to one week investigation..and then bam POTUS tweets FBI to investigate. No arm twisting there. Now reported they have the 51 votes they need, the lack of FBI investigation will not haunt them, D's can't use it for fundraising, they must know FBI won't find anything more on K than the committee already has with sworn statements...but other possible incriminating stuff on the process between SJC & Dr. Ford may show up. Those few moments of SJC.... beyond brilliant 5D chess.

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I am not convinced yet about interesting OP theory. Why? Because the constitution of the USA grants no power of relevance to the vote from committee flak was in. That vote is totally irrelevant and historically also means nothing. Only one thing counts a senate vote of a quorum of senators, the committee is just a soft guidance factor.

OCCAM'S RAZOR would indicate he is 'telegraphing' a no vote ahead of time to trick a dem across the isle to vote "yea" while the dem crosses fingers that the first vote fails, but a sharper edged OCCAM'S RAZOR is that Flake is a deranged anti-trumper similar to McCaine and just being a fuckhead. Not part of 4D chess.

OCCAM'S RAZOR : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam%27s_razor

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Occam's Razor would indicate that since he's the one saying he will only be comfortable with voting "Yes" after an FBI investigation (also makes Kasich and Romney happy if that's necessary!) which would mean he's actually telegraphing a "Yes" vote on the Senate floor vote.

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Flake's on Q's list of 'not returning's' and has been basically a Democrat for the last 2 years, shitting on his own constituents, the President, and MAGA.

I won't be placing him on the TEAM, anytime soon.

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But wouldnt that be an amendment? Flake just threw that in, but officially they all voted and PASSED it going to the senate floor. Now as a courtesy Trump can order an investigation. Is that right?

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It CAN be an amendment but Grasserly gaveled out before the Dims could make a motion to add an amendment. So it is just a gentleman's offer of Peace from R's to D's. 45D chess

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Well said

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It was beautiful, glorious 5D chess. The Patriots win, and they don't even know it. Not even a damn clue.

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Excellent Analysis! This one needs to be archived under the** Masters of Brilliant Politics** file. Delicious how the Dems got outflanked. Take heart Patriots.

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Agreed! Thanks for this. Helps me enjoy my popcorn a little more, despite the friggin knots in my stomach. Gotta keep telling myself, "Trust the plan."

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I agree! I think it a brilliant deduction and helps put me at ease too - seeing Feinstein and friends discombobulated falls right into place. Their arrogance catches up to them.

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What makes this believable is Flake like President Bush are establishment Republicans and they stick together. Bush has not wavered on his calling for Kavanaugh to be confirmed. This allows Flake to leave office as a establishment hero and still give the nation Kavanaugh. It just makes sense

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I admit, I was a Flake hater. I’m still on the fence. But well played move. Well played indeed.

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Sirnotabot, you should be a film critic. What a spot on analysis. Thanks for enlightening us, really. Q would be proud. I hope he reprints your comments.

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That's a good description. Flake is a yes. He is playing the D's.

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Remember what Q asks "What makes a good Play?". Look at how well it worked. POTUS 5 moves ahead the whole time.

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Let’s all thank Corey Booker for another Spartacus moment and talking for 17+ minutes and helping us run the clock out.

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the dude looks like keegan-michael key

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I believe Booker is in on it with the Republicans. Think about what Spartucus actually did. Not just lead a revolt but also led most of his men to death. He also discussed a secret meeting with Feinstein and others, stressed that it was secret.

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I believe Booker was telling them he was "one of them" (deep state) after reading this. https://www.sacred-texts.com/sro/mhj/mhj302.htm

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I'd like to know just as 11/11 is approaching, how so many are looking to put shitbags like Booker on the TEAM?

Honestly, your screen name makes ZERO sense.

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your right and the dumbos were left confused I ranted all afternoon on twitter, but I knew the plan was still going forward. Now Katz is asking for longer time, NOPE in less than a week. No new investigations, only confer with perjury letters that were already in place. It really doesn't matter at this time anyway. By next Friday we will have an NEW JUSTICE of the Supreme Court. "trust Grassley" and by God we did, Thank you sir! Job well done.

Pray for Kavanaugh and his family in this brief time. They have endured much from hatred and brutal occurrences, Arm them with the Armor of God, we are with you. Weep no more, for your past tribunals were only a testament to your true honesty and integrity to the position at hand. We are with you, we feel your pain, we feel your sorrow, you are not alone. Remember Jesus shall pick you up through your roughest times, "Footprints in the sand" and us Angels shall surround you with faith and keep you safe.

You have many Patriots and God faring silent majority Patriots on your side sir. You have prepped for this job all your life. Serve us proud, serve us loud, serve us true, serve only by you and our God along with the United States Constitution. Jesus keep him and his family safe, AMEN!

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Absolutely, been praying and continuing to do so, many intercessor groups praying..Prophetic words brought forth that Kavanaugh WIILL be SCOTUS..and he is the Lords choice as a Samuel the next will be HIS Deborah.

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Also, don't forget: Flake made it clear that he wanted the FBI investigation to be limited in time and scope "to the current allegations that are there": specifically, to focus only on the current allegations. As in, no new investigations on any new allegations that may pop up while the FBI is investigating Ford, Ramirez, and Swetnick's allegations.

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Wish I could upvoat twice! Exactly this ^

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Flake said he wanted a limited investigation of not more than a week, but POTUS told the press that the FBI could look at anything they wanted to.

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