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Bad title.

Q has never mentioned VOAT at any point here folks--PrayingMedic is interpreting Q posts to be absolutely all-encompassing. But don't say "Q said this about Voat".

Regardless, Q intends for 8chan to be the "last refuge".

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Exactly....It's willful misinterpretation at that....

"No outside Comms" is clearly about Qteam....to prevent confusion as every shill out there is suddenly Q's bestest buddy....it has fuck all to do with us

But I can see how a famefagging control freak who thinks they are some kind of Q guru might want to lead their tribe through the wildness rather than let them think for themselves ..

For those newcomers who prefer being a goat to a sheep ...welcome....

The 8chan idea is clearly crazy.....for a start...voat is much more like Reddit in user interface if not user viewpoints.....so it should be easy enough to adapt....even if you get given your own safespace on 8chan I promise the user interface will mean complete chaos until people drift away to something that works

8chan is great for lurking qresearch....but forget about posting or having conversations like here or on Reddit

The good thing about the 8chan safespace idea is it will give somewhere for the sheep to flock to behind their self appointed Q gurus

Isn't one of the basic concepts of Q that this is about using your own brain to make sense of this shit? Mebbe tapping into the hivemind as well....but the whole idea of leaders who have some kind of special knowledge about this is bullshit

The crumbs are there for anyone to interpret....I would suggest browsing 8chan qresearch is worthwhile...I would advise against posting there tho

If the bulk of you pass through voat I know some will find it comfy enough to stay....welcome to you

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It's CONTROL over you ,you stupid naive Q fuck Qultists! It's to keep ownership, it's bullshit. Q is some drunk guys on 8/chan, not some Trump official. It's all falling apart FAST and these jerk offs want to keep it going for themselves. God, snap out of it morons!

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Are you a fucking idiot. . . have you even been paying attention? falling apart? It's all coming TRUE. . . . nevermind, I just saw your name. What a fucking nigger faggot kike you are

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phaggot, explain all the qproofs.com? Explain all the censorship? All for a larp? All to setup controlled op? Then explain Trump, if Q larp, then why no Trump disavow. How does it serve Trump to point to Q shirts and assist Q drops. Logical thinking.

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You cannot be for real. I just don't accept that you are anything but a fucking kike shill. Nobody is stupid enough to think Q is anything other than a limited hangout. It's all a big distraction you numbskull.

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bahaha your handle says it all, sorosminion, you don't even need to comment, symbolism is your downfall, you have already lost.

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Baa baa little sheep bitch

Keep sucking cereal brain too's dick

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CANNOT WAIT For the day we can say "I TOLD YA SO!" Perp Walks coming soon... Tick Tock...

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While I can't watch the video at the moment I can tell you that the likelihood of the sub getting removed by an admin here is extremely low. That is typically reserved for the worst offenders and you people are frankly not something to worry about in that context. Individual accounts are way more likely to be removed but again, reserved for the worst offenders.

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Removal is a small problem compared to not being allowed to run our subverse as we see fit. We're not going to other subverses and telling people what to do.

Suck my cock and gag on it.

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Again, you have learned nothing. You want the same censorship that was handed out to you. The worst part of it is that you are completely unaware of it.

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tastie cock! My fav. the audacity of fags to roll in hear and first day demand ban hammers. Fucking authoritarian minded boomers. When i was 13 i saw an internet where people posted instructions for bomb making & plots to overthrow government. Shiz is mild now by comparison. How did the my generation become fucking snow flakes? Maybe i hit the net too early. Fucking AOL ruined it all the day they connected to the WWW, that was fucking doomsday. Slow grind lower since then. Fuck the legacy net, waiting for some crazy prick to launch a wireless internet 2 with low bandwidth bbs faggotry.

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Because the same fuckers that ruined Reddit are here too. The very same people (see Neon Revolt's latest article).

FUCK YOU ALL. Every last one of you. And all your cats, dogs, ponies, geese and chickens. Fuck you straight to hell.

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It seems your prophet, in his infinite wisdom and full access to all of the super top-secret information, has ZERO clue about how voat operates. Voat won't ban you retards. Your own mods will though. Why is Q lying to you? Why are your mods so demonstratably full of shit? How long before Q tells you dipshits to throw on some Adidas jumpsuits and eat the applesauce?

[–] solanojones95 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

GA was not run by Q, and Q did not tell anybody to come here, you fucktard. Our MODS in their infinite stupidity did that to themselves. And the fact your comment is not deleted and you're not banned is proof we have ZERO capacity to moderate our group here.

But don't worry. Reddit and Voat are not the only options. Fuck this site and everybody who lives here.

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And the fact your comment is not deleted and you're not banned

The fact that you just got driven off of your previous platform by people on the left who were operating according to that same logic is completely lost on you, isn't it? Are you that fucking fragile that your only recourse against contrary opinions is to seek to have them silenced? What the FUCK is wrong with you people?

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You are pathetic. Go "drop some red pills on those libtards" in your safe space, faggot.

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Why so hostile man?

[–] GoogleStoleMyBike 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Pointing out the obvious is not hostility. Why are you attempting to conflate the two?

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That's TIPPY-top secret, ftfy

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I though it was Nikes. Keds are worn by God phearing christians. Adidas and Fila by niggers.

[–] GoogleStoleMyBike 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Yeah, it was definitely Nike shoes. I seem to remember reading or hearing in a podcast they were wearing Adidas jumpsuits too. Time to go read about HG all night...again.

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I just spent some time browsing around on 8chan/patriotsawoken. My first time really looking at the site.

What a lousy interface 8chan has for posts. It's almost 1st gen Internet in UX. Voat isn't bad, but I really liked the ease of Reddit's UI. Plus Reddit's ability to edit posts, and see what one has posted previously, was actually useful, unlike what I saw on 8chan.

If 8chan is supposed to be the last keep, it's going to be an uncomfortable one for easy information dissemination. F#cking Reddit, screwing up this important fight. One more reason to crush the ones responsible for this...

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Your mods and that neon guy appear to be destroying the GA subreddit by scattering people across the internet. Are these the original mods, or did reddit install their own people as mods?

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It won't he removed from voat. The mods need to keep banning the shills on this board.

[–] GoBackToReddit 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago 

yeah, that will help...

[–] cryptex 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Why wouldn't it?

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Our mods can't do shit. The site has them tied down and handcuffed.

[–] cryptex 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

How so?

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Your mods are kikes and you're an utter retard.

[–] coinphrase 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago  (edited ago)

Your mods in their infinite greed for power decided to subvert voats global rules thereby making your fake internet points worthless on the rest of the site. The site didn't tie them down and handcuff them, they did it to themselves and all of you retards.

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Factually incorrect. This is 100% problem created by the mods. Anyone telling you otherwise is a liar. They know how to fix things and they have refused.

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Infighting. Mods are directing people to a quarntined Q board on 8chan. This whole migration was more embarrassing than when T_D was banned after one of the mods let people link to outside subs.

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migration, like the fucking low IQ illiterate rape squads pouring into europe. Why do these fuck tards who think they been red pilled need some one to hold their hand, and moderate their fucking communities. i really dont get it. Teachers pets writ large. I choose to be an adult. Top that

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