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The exodus to 8ch is inevitable

But that doesn't mean we shouldn't support as many free speech platforms as possible.

It's dangerous and foolish to put all your eggs in one basket.

As much as I want to Trust The Plan, I'm also a prepper, which means I prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I'll just sit here on my mountain of supplies and enough guns and ammo to invade a small country and I'll pray that others never find themselves praying for a first aid kit to save their family.

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Rough water ahead patriot.

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Ok my first post to check out Voat. Let’s see how I can do on this site for a back up. I’m a supporter of @blessedtoteach who else is ?

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Thanks for coming on over! God Bless

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Thanks for the shout out. :-). God Bless!

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Awesome post - glad you made it over here... I’m still figuring out voat

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Just got to voat as well. Glad to find patriots. #WWG1WGA

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Me too Patriot. MAGA WWG1WGA

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might help if you tried interacting with the rest of the site outside of your little safe space here, I'd also recommend suicide

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Yep, make no mistake about it! Neon Revolt is a SHILL THAT SUCKS CORSI'S DICK! He just outed himself with that article! Starts out well to gain your attention, then just becomes a bunch of verbal drivel! SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE! Otherwise it's just a DISTRACTION! Everyone...ask yourself how many times Neon Revolt has been correct?! Not much!

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You first

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Figure out how to leave . Step 1 get hammer step 2 apply hammer vigorously to device . Step 3 lay on train track.

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hahaha you sound like crooked Hillary, ah just saw handle, explains it

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HRT working out well for you. Is dilation painful? I wouldn't enjoy getting my cock removed, but you jew you, shlomo.

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You have to upvote every post and replys in order for everyone to get enough points to post.

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Sigh. I guess I still classify as a dumbass sheep. Thanks for the extra work Neon. It’s always just a little bit over my head when it comes to psyops, black or white hats, and this crazy thing called the internet.

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Think that's bad? I was participating in his subs since way back in January. I'm a dummy.

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How can I post, another dummy here

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Omg! I feel the same! I'm so confused! I guess I'm also a dumb ass! God! I feel like an idiot!

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Most of us do! WWG1WGA😁

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Ditto. I can't figure out anything involving pixels on the intertubes. Still looking for the GA rm & SerialBrain. I know, I'm a confused tech ditz but I'm on the side of liberty, justice & Goons for Gitmo. & UCMJ.

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hang in there.

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Great work Neon, most appreciated. I have only observed and read discussions taking place on the previous reddit -Bleck-(need to spit that out bad taste out) but you are right. We as a patriots need to be more active and attentive to our surroundings, especially online, we must persevere and vigilant to stay the course. I am older and not as well versed on the chans and voat but willing to learn to do my part.

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Swell job with the new article articulating some background.... I agree it needed to be done for transparency. Wishing you all the best... I see it didn't take long for the shills to migrate LMAO! Keep on Keepin On!

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Roger. Well done as always, Neon!

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Thanks Neon. I knew there was a logical reason behind keeping us all separate but together. God Bless you and the mods.

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Im glad we found a new site... so sad that yet again another Q Anon database is gone. Hopefully we all had copies saved of everything important. I remember when CBTS_STREAM got taken down, so many people there,, then we all moved to the sister site the great awakening,, now here. I guess we better start unpacking things and getting things back running again. I truly hope this site becomes the hub, and that it isnt banned yet again. I'll never stop, but it is annoying.

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