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Why would the mods bring us to a free speech platform and treat it as if we are still on Reddit? Why would we accept this? Why would they not just tell us that there was already a Q board here? Why would they set us up for freedom loving trolls to torment us because we act as if we are still on Reddit? I need answers too!

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the scales fell from her eyes, and she began to see for the very first time...

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Been redpilled since the time people had to read books for information. Just sick of the circlejerk that is the Reddit mentality and that is why I almost never posted there.

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Because the move from reddit to voat is extreme ... too many differences in culture. They tried to keep the same rules to acclimatise the redditors but the voatfags wouldn't allow it. Because greatawakening on Reddit was infiltrated and the super mods there were behind the infiltration and mass banning. The mods couldn't know if the mods on Voat were compromised or even the same people, and after investigation, decided there were too many similarities and moved from Voat to 8chan where they worked with the 8chan people and trusted them. Patriotsawoken is where the main hub is now. It's the safest place according to Q drops anyway.

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"Because the move from reddit to voat is extreme ... too many differences in culture." Why would I trust the judgement of the mods if they make stupid mistakes like this. Expecting to make this move and then keep everything the same in a different culture is like flying the Mexican flag at a 4th of July celebration. I don't trust the government to protect me and I certainly don't trust random strangers on the internet (mods) to either.

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Think, instead of sharing research/ links and productive thoughts, people are being dragged into negative and unproductive conversations. I say we ignore the trolls and march forward, and continue the much needed work to be done. Spread knowledge with compassion.

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Dude, I deleted that app the day they killed our subreddit. Let it die.

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We really all should....they have to see that there are consequences to censorship.

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And you won't hear from them. they aren't looking for civil discourse (or even uncivil) They just want to blurt out their memorized lines like a good little brainwashed slave. Virtue signal, then run away.

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That's okay because others will read it and the seed is planted.

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...and you're still "on Reddit"? ...because???

oh. wait. IT'S @jhomes55 AGAIN.

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Over the target

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Reddit’s run by child whoring beaners of Hollywood

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Here, I'll answer the first part: Because reddit exists to make money. They make money from advertisers. And Grammarly or whatever is not going to want their ad to appear in a feed near some graphic video the Qult thinks is Hillary skinning and eating a baby. There's no grand conspiracy, that's it.

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