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All these "Users for 1.6 Years" trying to convince you all to leave Voat and go to 8chan.
Why would a site NOT want new users?
By Whom?
Who is SoapBoxBanHammer?
Who is @PuttItOut?
How many of THEM? [40 MAX]
How many of US? [4,000 MIN]
Afraid of the Storm?
They should be.

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"hurr durr anyone who doesn't want voat to be colonized by reddit and turned into a anti-free speech jack off zone for power mods is a shill guys".

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You're being colonized, whether you like it or not. Might as well lie back and enjoy it.
8chan and NeonRevolt are still sending them here.

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This needs to be said just so you all understand the political situation on voat. There are two groups on voat primarily responsible for brigading on this website. They are /v/protectvoat which coopted and infiltrated /v/pizzagate and SBBH (soapboxbanhammer). Both groups pretended to be conservative power users and got into the good graces of the admin and he doesn't understand they are shills. They are essentially larping patriots that are shills. I'm a long time voat user and I left the website because of brigading from those two groups constantly on the website. They sit around camping in /new all day long suppressing voaters from rival subs they don't control or posts that criticize them publicly. Some of them are trolls, some of them are larping sjws posing as patriots, some of them are paid shareblue shills. That is essentially what they are most people can't pick up on them being controlled opposition. /v/protectvoat and sbbh is the primarily vehicle they use for personal army requests and for hostile takeovers of subs. /v/greatawakening and /v/pizzagate all have /v/protectvoat and sbbh shill mods on the team. Sbbh are the cockroaches and vermin of this website.

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Thank you!!

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3.8 hour old burner account

Shill seeking missiles inbound

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Can confirm this to be true

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Don't smell. THINK. Their arguments will determine that. And your argument speaks like a shill.

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You smell like jewshit.

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Sorry, what is your point?

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Fascinating. Would you describe that smell for me so that I might recognize it in the future?

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spread some cream cheese under your arms and stop showering for a week. Then you will smell it too.

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Folks, realize that black hats attempts ONLY WORK on the walking dead! Use your brains, use logic, learn to discern, inform yourselves, look at every perspective and they will reveal themselves to you. SMFH...why are people having such a hard time discerning?....

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oh shut up nigger with your idiot musings. jesus christ can you really be that dumb? "oldie voat trolls, blackhats". fuck.

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Eat shit, idiot.

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why not point one out then?

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He is a kike cock eater.

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I never do that. I have a Stasi complex.