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All these "Users for 2.7 Years" trying to convince you all to leave Voat and go to 8chan.
Why would a site NOT want new users?
Why is that?
By Whom?
Who is SoapBoxBanHammer?
Who is @PuttItOut?
How many of THEM? [40 MAX]
How many of US? [4,000 MIN]
Afraid of the Storm?
They should be.

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Did you even read my post? I'm not trying to convince anybody to leave voat. I want these faggots to stay as long as they don't promote censorship. It's the 1 day old mods who are trying to get all these new users to leave already

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Do you think anyone will believe you with a false-flag headline?

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What gives these people the authority to command this movement? Q only posts on https://8ch.net/qresearch/index.html. That is the ONLY place sanctioned by Q. This is a blatant attempt to divide the movement. Why would the moderators tell everyone to go to different board of 8ch, one that Q doesn't post on? <<<< YOUR WORDS not mine ... now what is wrong with hem lets take a little peek ..Why would the moderators tell everyone to go to different board of 8ch, one that Q doesn't post on? Ill answer that Q only posts on *chan the drops get posted on other places for all of us to see read research etc etc.. NOW you talk how you are NOT DEVIDING.. hear this.. Q knows a lot of us are Computer Challenged and Q ALSO stated that confirmations will come across all boards.. when we get a conformation what do you do???? DIVIDE US.. YOU ARE FAKE MAGA YOU ARE MSM YOU ARE BY BY

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Sound right. We are adrift with special needs Bwahaha

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I agree with this comment so much. I've been a voat lurker for a long time. I remember the Eugenenix drama and what a shit show that was.

Three of the fairly large controversial subreddits I followed have setup a fall back plan to voat, and every single time a subreddit with a good community with lots of fresh content gets banned it transitions to voat and immediately runs into a ton of mod drama and split subs for the same topic.

As this is the third time I've seen it happen, I'm starting to see the pattern that perhaps this site is operated as a honey pot for destroying communities. I have no issues with free speech and We should be able to call each other niggerfags all night, but there's a part of this migration that looks so much like spam/slide/(((them))) that I have a hard time believing it's from real users.

If you are a real voat user why can't TA moderate their own content in their own sub as they see fit? This is a hell of a lot better than when the resident pedophile was banning great new posts on v/pizzagate, so don't pretend like that censorship shit never happens here.

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Q predicted this

to all newbies that chose to stick around on voat, and enjoy the fruits of absolute free speech, consider helping keeping voat afloat to those that decide to stay and integrate and are willing to help defend voat's freedom of speech, i'm sure i speak on behalf of most voaters, that you're very much welcome here, and hope you settle in switly, and adopt the local customs without much trouble.

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I don't understand the local customs. Q led me here. How can I learn?

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lurk more

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What fucking local customs niggerfaggot?

(Am I doing this right?)

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Lol. Close enough. Try to put as many hurtful wordses in one sentence and be creative about it. :)

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Your message does force one to think rather than blindly follow, however, I personally only came over to VOAT because some of the posters that made compelling content, as I personally saw it, that was taken away by Reddit [for whatever reason] and now I can find the compelling content here. Thinking is the hardest work anyone can do as it is quite easy to go with the flow; as no effort is ever required. The times they are a changin' and one must learn to adapt or go back into the matrix and do what the masses do, which by the way has become very hard for me, perhaps not for you or others as I can only speak, or rather type, for me.

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the old reddit site would not suffer any dissent and would speedily remove posts that weren't cheer leading for the thought police!

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Can confirm that this particular view was removed aggressively:


Bitch had an earthquake machine FFS.

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Hillary Clinton has the "Keys to the Kingdom" .........the entire Internet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-zWWJ1BzKgI&app=desktop

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100% Accurate.

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This and Reddit are discussion boards, not claiming to speak to or on behalf of Q - this should not be considered an "outside comm"

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