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If there are any newcomers lurking here - In the sidebar you can find deleted comments of any subverse, including this one, voat is entirely transparent like that. You can see what gets deleted. The mods here banned a comment pointing to our established Q-Community - They deleted it from the very thread in which they apologized for banning people.

Why are these people so desperate to moderate you and actively prevent you from going to QResearch or our established community? Why do you trust them more than yourselves and other people? You should try to trust other people instead of relying on rulers, voat without power hungry moderators is a true democracy.

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Yep yep yep.

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A lot of the content and comments on the reddit forums included memes, personal stories, feelings, etc. Also, a lot of links to older research and information, as a lot of the followers were recently red-pilled and not aware of various older discoveries like pizzagate or even mkultra. This is all great and useful information, but it is not helpful to post it in QResearch. Having that kind of content posted there would be a bit useless and a distraction for the bakers to have to weed through. That is why the created PatriotsAwoken. I don't know if this was helpful or not but time will tell. You could argue that there is already a meme thread in QResearch, and probably threads for other types of content, but reddit users are used to having it all in one forum.

There is a link to QResearch in the sidebar as well. So I don't really see the issue. It would be nice for them to also put links to your forum and others in the sidebar. But that's their decision I guess. Users can always browse the forum list.

The mods don't own the users. But they maintained an environment that was attractive to 300k users. They are trying to establish a similar environment somewhere else. Users can do whatever they want, they always could. We are not stupid. So I wish everyone would stop acting like butthurt children and get over it.

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But they maintained an environment that was attractive to 300k users.

And /r/politicis maintained an environment that was attractive to ~4 million subscribers. SRS for 100k subscribers still.

So I don't really see the issue

You are just writing a lot fluff while ignoring the important bits. How is it tolerable that within a very short timeframe they banned and deleted more users and comments than every other subverse on voat? I'm speaking of subverses that existed for years!!! What about the fact that they deleted comments pointing to /v/GreatAwakening as an established alternative - even after they publicly apologized for banning people?

I believe the only reason your mods decided moving to 8ch now is because they just realized that voat keeps a publicly available list of all deleted comments and submissions.

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All these "Users for 1.6 Years" trying to convince you all to leave Voat and go to 8chan.
Why would a site NOT want new users?
Why is that?
By Whom?
Who is SoapBoxBanHammer?
Who is @PuttItOut?
How many of THEM? [40 MAX]
How many of US? [4,000 MIN]
Afraid of the Storm?
They should be.

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Go shill somewhere else

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Who runs /v/PizzaGate?
Who runs /v/GreatAwakening?
If one is compromised, both are compromised.

Pizzagate was DERAILED on Voat.
By Whom?
Who is SoapBoxBanHammer?
Who is @PuttItOut?
How many of THEM? [40 MAX]
How many of RickFlairWOOOOOO? [3 MAX]
How many of US? [4,000 MIN]
Afraid of the Storm?
They should be.

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You do know that you can open multiple tabs at once right?

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Look how they resort to non-sequitur when the truth is exposed.
When you have nothing else to say...

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Except this is all bullshit. Qresearch helped set PA up. Posted to Qresearch:

"From the QResearch BVs and BO.

In the interest of transparency,

Over the last few days behind the scenes the mod team here has been working with the former r/GA mods to establish a SFW 8ch alternative to QResearch. This was not a relationship that was casually pursued as we have been talking to them and watching who gets attacked the most amongst them for months. The decision to pursue this relationship formally was solidified about five minutes after r/GA was banned and an effort was coordinated across every Q community to get the word out.

We are proud to formally announce >>>/patriotsawoken/ as our SFW sister board. We have taken their mods under our wing and taught them what you have patiently taught us. They will be removing CP, Gore, and lewds. That is it. We have advised them to not censor speech, and on that note it is important to also make clear that the admins of this board will not be admins on their board, we are seperate united entities and this boards administration is dedicated to you and the community that you, the Anons, have built.

Q has been whitelisted should they choose to participate in their community.

We stand together, covfefe."

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I was unaware of this. Can you post the proof. It is surely posted on Qresearch or Patriotsawaken Meta...I've looked for it in likely threads. I can't seem to find it though. Hmmm.

I found it. So be it. But "past few days?" I see that you went to QResearch first. Admin would have been in talks then. But you opted for Voat? Why leave QResearch at all in the first place? Why not just return to QResearch? It still looks fucky man. And it doesn't change the fact that the subverse here was put in isolation and the banning/deleting was out of control.

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I just don't want porn or gore popping up while I' m checking in during work. Plus I don't want to see that shit in general. I trust the GA mods and don't give a fuck about your feelings. Go read Neon's post today. Very illuminating on who is trying to corral and control.

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Depends on where you are standing man. This wasn't about "feelings". This was about ethical standards and hypocrisy, "If you will tolerate this..." and all that.

I was never against you being here. Which is why I didn't say anything until I saw your admins fail to join with QResearch. I figured it would sort itself out. That your reddit mods would learn. My verse doesn't have porn or gore, and it's nearly ignored by admin. v/ GA is moderated, but is hesitant to ban. Your admin was NOT hesitant to ban, and that is what caused every problem. This has been said dozens of times, but you still don't get it.

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Actually, I really hate looking at the kind of stuff people post on 8 chan. It gives me the creeps. If that makes me ( a grandmother) a tit-sucking infant, so be it. I'll go there if I have to, but until then, I appreciate the filter. And something else, resisting filth and ugliness is not pathetic.

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it happens every refugee wave friend. as usual, there will be plenty of them that will stay, and enjoy the absolute freedom of speech that only voat offers.

some people consciously choose to be mindless followers and useless idiots, they are belong your grasp to help, and you should not waste your energy on them, instead, welcome those that stay, and let them share with others the value of absolute freedom of speech.

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I know. It is just frustrating.

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Can y'all help out and get me above 100 CCP?? ThankQ!!!!!

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You'll need to post in other areas on voat in order to gain CCP as the mods here effectively made this sub 'private'. Any ccp gained here is meaningless until the sub rules change. Should be easy enough to do in v/GreatAwakening or you could explore some other places and comment. v/introductions would be a good place to start.

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sigh Begging makes you look lazy at best, and like a potential spammer/shill at worst. You gotta not waste your limited posts on begging man.

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Everyone from r/GreatAwakening KNOWS who I am. Ask SerialBrain2, R3VO1utionary, NeonRevolt...... I am not worried about YOUR opinion. Q linked to MY post on GA.....Q 1915 AND he took my post/NYT screenshot from CBTS for #868 - NYT Fake Video Article.


https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/97v4mg/these_people_are_sick_catholic_priest_hits_crying/📁 (Link dead, of course...) Man of God? See something. Say something. PEOPLE must unite to clean out these old institutions. Q


Try, try, try, as they might. Fail, they will. No free passes [MSM]. Q

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Conveniance is the road to serfdom - Paul Joseph Watson.

... when you work all day, 8ch is not so easy to work with.

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I know. That is why there are links to aggregated info like https://qanon.pub/ and the research boards on voat (and previously reddit). But you should set aside some time to understand how 8ch works, and how to find info. The links back to 8ch in qanon.pub and qmap.pub can ease things. If you understand how it works it goes faster and is easier.

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