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Lev Davidovich Bronstein, or Leon Trotsky, as goyim (non-jews) know him by, was merely espousing the views of the Frankfurt school, made up completely of supremacist jews hellbent on genociding the White race. Racism was one of many slurs they invented to smear Whites, along with the vehemantly Anti-White "Nazi" term they invented to beat Whites over the head if they were even a bit proud of their rich heritage.

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How PREJUDICE of him!

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Oy vey goyim! I just dropped my bagel and lox all over the floor! I’ll have to report you to the ADL at once!

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Stalin was not a jew. Hitler was a socialist. Go figure. Genghis Khan was also not a jew and the greatest genocider of all time. I guarantee there were genocides and bad stuff going on before Abraham even got the idea to start the whole thing.

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Adolf Hitler was one of few successful anti-globalists, i.e. ANTI talmudic one-world government, of the last century. That's why global jewry provoked war between the sovereign nations of Greater Germany and her allies, along with the then-anti globalist rebels in European countries that would be labeled the allies.

Stalin was a paranoid golem who turned on his masters after he succeeded in defending the Bolshevik jews' interest in the East, along with helping the then- newly emergent jewish government of America defend the Zionist jews' interest in the West. Both these jewish led governments have contributed to more White lives lost than in any other time since Genghis Khans White genocides of centuries ago.

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Just know when all other rebuttals fail, screaming racism is the last resort. For some, it's the only resort.

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Yes, that's even acknowledged by the Jews

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I've pointed people to this Trotsky fact and it does not compute with them. Of course they're all suffering from White guilt and believe themselves to be racist so fuck it

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To the life of me, i still don't understand how a human can reduce itself to not recognizing that the being in front of them is another human just like them with different melanin levels that have adapted through time in order to keep the species as a whole surviving. How someone can fall into the "race" trap is beyond me. For a Human with a brain/intellect and multiple senses to believe such crap is just sad.

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Wow you just said what I’ve ALWAYS thought! Agreed!!! When you talk to someone everything about them falls away & it is all about the soul you are talking to! Maybe our future will see that recognition & we can move on to solving all of our issues - like feeding the world, clean environments, ...

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What you are saying is that your feelings are more important than nature, that nature is unnatural. Before jews subverted natural sciences, it was common knowledge that in-group preference is the natural way and that multiculturalism is cruel and inhumane to all parties involved. Race goes way beyond skin color.

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Racism has been so diluted to cover ANY subject matter not inline with socialist policies that it no longer has any sting. No bite. It's used up.

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The reason stereotypes are so funny . . . Because they’re true.

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Stellar user name! chucknorristhumbsup.gif

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Make America huwhite.

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