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Boomer grade?

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Boomer grade. Good message, just... It reeks of "I am a Boomer".

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This seems off topic. Enjoy your heterosexuality... but it's not a requirement for #maga

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This is your opinion, which you the right to express. However, I would not support legislation that denies rights of freedom for LBGT folk. You may not agree with their lifestyle, which is fine, but it would be wrong to deny any group the rights and freedoms that you get to enjoy. Equality for all, even if you don't agree with them.

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Atleast you had to he cognizance to put forward an argument, instead of just getting triggered by words on the internet. LGBT is funded by Soros and cultural marxists. It’s a Trojan horse.

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When I say LBGT, I'm talking about the citizens not the movement. I believe all such social movements are funded by Soros.

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Lol you got me, I like dick. Feel free to visit v/TraditionalWives