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Support !

Respect the core values of Voat.co, or go back to Jeweddit.com.

@Puttitout doesn't get paid to support this website. The very last thing he needs, or we Goats want him to deal with is the reddit faggotry the moderators of /v/TheAwakening intentionally imported.

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Wow! Are you sure?

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Ask anyone here if our admin Putitout is paid.

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Holy shit I just came here to make this post. + Give money to Putt, theres no ads except some jokes some users made. It's all user funded https://voat.co/v/whatever/2715711 and your taxing the servers

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users like peaceseeker also helped him code the latest implementation of voat in v/voatdev and other related subs

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Maybe some of your codefags should get to work on preventing dumbassfags from invading.

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why would we do that? we believe in freedom and most redditors leave after a day or two of bullying anyway. We don't need a admin to take action when we can simply convince people to leave on our own

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sweet. now i can kill myself. bully on.

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Freedom of speech for you and me. Not just me. And you call yourself a patriot?

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did i?

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dno, voat's immunesystem worked pretty darn well, as every time a refugee invasion happens.

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then why did you allow custom rules in a sub?

code it out if you're really in charge

if not, how about posting some useful Q thoughts instead of butt hurt whining

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because we believe in freedom, we don't have to force you to agree with us when we can just explain it to you

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Just not the freedom to run your own board how you see fit.....gotvha

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Seriously? Do you really believe that? Do you really expect us to believe that?

You can "just explain it" to us?

...or you could down vote the crap out of us outside this sub and thereby censor us on any sub but this one.

You believe in freedom? Tolerance? Free speech? Freedom of association?

No judgement here, right? You (allegedly) funded and coded a completely open and free platform.

BULLSHIT - you're scared YOUR safe space will be overrun with people YOU will not tolerate. Mob rule is great until the mob turns on you.

That's why there are constant attacks on this sub.

That's why you're screaming like a little child - the platform you (allegedly) funded and coded allows users to freely express themselves and associate with whomever they want.

That's why I'm down voted back to where I can't make new posts.

I've been literally censored by the users who, according to you, literally funded and coded this platform and who literally put themselves on the Freedom pedestal as literal hypocrites.

Talk about an echo chamber...

Pot, meet Kettle.

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Well, you guys have been "forcing". If you don't like this subverse, then just go away faggot.

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They think 8chan will be friendlier. Wow.

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lol good luck

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It's basically voat but with less structure. They won't last there.

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kill yourself you stupid nigger

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Look I get free speech is great and all. I also understand calling everyone a faggot or a nigger and the purpose it serves.

I observed mostly on GA reddit what appeared to be older generations using reddit. People who are not tech savvy or would never even hope to understand where our internet culture started.

I dont think its entirely wrong to shock people here to get them used to what free speech is but I fear this will have the consequence of being a bit much for some of those older uninitiated users.

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You are the one who is all roused up, so you have a problem to solve.

Take the chill pill (((faggot))) ... or go "kill yourself stupid nigger"

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Voat is very orderly. You just don't understand how it works.

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Believe it or not, some of us, well at least myself, have been lurking on voat since its inception. I remember when Voat came about as a reaction to reddit changing the voting rules so you could no longer see up vs. down voats, hence the name voat. So you can call us all newfags, kikes, niggers and shitwads, all you want, but some of us have been here for a long time. Further you would be wise to understand that hazing, though it serves a purpose, isn't really a productive or intelligent thing.

The world is changing, the way we treat each other is changing, sometimes YOU are the ones who need to grow up and realize that YOU have put yourself in a nice little box where you have your own rules and can hide from the real world.

The real world just knocked on your door. Hello!

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well I don't believe you because the original name was woahverse dumbass. Nice larp try again in 10 million years

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What was the reason for creating a new platform?

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This is an interesting question to everyone: Freedom of Speech All the Way!! So does that mean that if the CEO of Reddit comes in here to salivate on human meat and how much he gets off it, we should let him be? what exactly are we talking about here? Freedom to be a primary lizard brain human or Freedom of WHAT EXACTLY?! and if so, then what to do with that psychopath? because if we let him be, then whats the point of ALL OF THIS? Is highlighting his comments on reddit as a condemnation of who he is? or he's just exercising his free speech rights and we should leave him alone? USER YOUR GOD GIVEN BRAINS HUMANS!!

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freedom of speech as per the first amendment, in practice and principal

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what does that mean exactly? elaborate. what is the first amendment? what does practice mean? what does principal mean? how do they differ? how does that apply to the current reality? what? where? why? when? You see, the reason i am asking is because ALOT of folks LOVE to tout and repeat things without using the brain because it makes them feel part of whatever "club" they're in (this is natural since humans have survived for millennia by grouping together) . But by following and repeating what everyone else around them say, they are no different than what they are criticizing. Spewing is easy. THINKING is the hard part. Thank you for your feedback.

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