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[RR] has always been seen in brackets. I just moved here so please upvote me

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I just moved here also pls upvote

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I just moved here too. Reddit refugee.

Do I need a certain number of upvotes to be able to vote? Cause I've been looking for that little up arrow to smash... and it's hidden.

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The painting so far seems to clearly reveal [RR] is in the brackets for good reason.

Because of the sandboxing, please up vote.

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RR is killbrackets & I wonder this too! Upvotes for everyone & needed newcomers;)

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still don't think rr is a white hat. new hear please upvote.

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Can you show me the crumb where Q said:

'Trust Rosenstein' ?

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Not a one.

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Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein! I need upvotes, too! Thanks!

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The link to Mueller is there - trust both or neither. It is hard for me to believe Mueller is, or has ever been a white hat, seems to me this is a situation that revealing too much would be detrimental to the cause and goals. I am inclined to believe Mueller and RR are black hats with little to no choice - but that's what I want to believe. The thing I keep thinking about Mueller is he was not in govt when this whole nefarious spygate started, so could be be excluded from the Huber investigations and there fore be turned white hat?

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Exactly. [RR] is deepstate in my humble opinion. Remember id Mueller is crooked, so is RR, and visa versa.

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There are none. To the contrary, Q has consistently painted a picture that [RR] belongs in the cross hairs. And his testimony was pretty terrible and creepy.

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There isn't one. But there is a "Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein".

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This isn’t one

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To declassify all at once would be folly - it'd be like drinking from a fire hose. AND the FISA warrant is evidence in one of the biggest treason charges in history. I'm not convinced we'll see the full unredacted FISA before the election. The should be enough bits in there to red pill enough to win in November. In the meantime the goal is to put the black hats away, not make us feel better.

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I wouldn't count on just winning. There needs to be a red wave.

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Create a never ending news cycle, CNN and MSNBC will have to talk about it - KEK

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Great Post!! Stealth Jeff has some nice insight on everything that's going on. He's not 100% on board with Q (notice the backing or RR in his post) and that's okay. Its good to have different perspectives. The important thing here is that anyone seeking truth, justice, freedom and peace is transparent in their intentions and therefore whatever is said or written resonates with others who want the same. Perspectives can be different. Truth is TRUTH.

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Still helps with disinfo. Thanks for the comment!

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No problem that black hats are fully aware of this strategy.. But,,,,, they can't control more than one narrative at a time for their sheeple. The show is BRILLIANT.

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and why? Because these people are STUPID!

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Rosenstein & Mueller were both involved in Uranium 1. “Don’t you think POTUS would be tweeting given clear conflict.” ~ Q.

So far no “RR and BM are pure blackhats” theory has answered this question to my satisfaction.

New here and about 10 voats shy of 100. Please help out.

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You’re right, and I forgot about that.

Uranium One is huge.

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Good to see you back in the trenches R3VO1utionary. Thanks for the one of the few trending posts that is actually on topic!

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"Most of what you see with these events on the surface isn't real." This reminds me of NoName's funeral and how most normies had no idea what went on behind the scenes. It just happened then poof it was over. Many of the things Q tells us anons about have already happened in the past, right? We know the truth behind it, but will the general population ever know that same truth?

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