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Old time Voat user here. Not sure I understand you New people not recognizing deliberate, disruptive attacks to purposefully sidetrack our communal efforts. Strong perseverance might help overcome distractions. This is NOT a game. Welcome aboard. (The voting on comments is WAY higher than in the past. This is why your presence is such a threat).

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agreed onetime1. Neral this is the result of PANIC by the DS, they are using brash tactics and ill thought out strategy because their on the ropes, this is a temporary housing until Q boards and other related media is turned on. we gave the enemy ground so they believe their small victory is assured. But Q and POTUS made it clear, he's draining the swamp, and they are fighting back.. don't worry we'll win. chin up Neral, soldier on for now.

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Im 80% sure op is a troll post.

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You guys are hilariously clueless.

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You are mentally defective. You are clinically insane. Here is a list of truth that hurts your feelings.

Faggots and trannies are mentally ill and should be put in asylums. The races of humanity are five separate species and have very few similarities. There are genetic defects when they try to interbreed. Racism is healthy behavior to stop this interbreeding. Feminism is jewish propaganda. Universal franchise is jewish propaganda. Democracy is communism, which was created by a jew. The jews seek the genocide of whites the world over. Every single jew is complicit in this, BY DEFINITION OF HIS BELIEF SYSTEM. Civic nationalism is white genocide and a jewish plan.

Get the fuck out and don’t come back if you can’t comprehend this.

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Whoooosh. You redditards are exactly what everyone imagines a redditard to be.

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The insults don't bother me. They aren't even very good at it. And I've been called FAR worse from people that actually KNOW me, including family for being alt right/ conspiracy theorist. I'm a libertarian.Not right or left, but for LESS government and more liberty and freedom.

Have to say the unwelcome mat many have received will just make them go someplace else. Sadly along with the 70k (297k) q fans coming this place will also attract the trolls that were slamming r/greatawakening. I'm sure they'll fit in better then the Q supporters. Insults is what they do best.

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absolutely these little millennials are afraid of us by their remarks you only hate that which you are afraid of that being said they think they are smart and funny but in fact come across as the basement people we here so much about take the insults as a Badge of Honor

We are not trying to take your home we are trying to find our own w like minded people.

Why does that scare you so much? did our mods maybe make some mistakes? maybe but they had just had their ass handed to them, give them a little credit for trying to find a place to PROTECT us not from insults

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Liberatarian is Rightwing. To say youre a libertarian and then say youre not left or right is incorrect

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No one is trying to disrupt anything you larping faggot. If you spent any time on voat previously you would know that people dislike bootlicking retards who bring censorship with them.

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Look at how afraid the "Regulars" are. They know you outnumber them 7 to 1. If you all get CCP's of 100 or more outside of this subverse, they've lost the site to "Q-Larpers", which is making them lose their collective minds. As one of the hated "Q-larpers" (@Oh_Well_ian being another), I think this flood of my kind is almost some sort of retribution.

For the first few weeks, make a note of "Member for X years/months/days" when you mouse-over their usernames. Assume anyone that isn't a new member is a concern troll trying to haze you, including me.

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You’re a bad ass

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So this adds to the conversation? What are your speaking fees?

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Patriots are at the ready no matter the opposition.

This is NOT a game.

Plan for more attacks.


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Patriots are at the ready no matter the opposition.

Do you have any idea how ridiculous your LARP game looks from the outside? You've done nothing. You haven't killed a single jew or leftist. Oh, but you're ready to, aren't you.

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Go anywhere you like on the internet, but thicken your skin a bit. Learn to ignore morons, but don't give them the satisfaction of chasing you away. If text on a screen makes you "literally" shake then you shouldn't be here until you grow up.

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This. Toughen the fuck up already everyone!

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Anything negative said about me on the internet just washes off and doesn't stick, but the fact that I read it meant it was noise and they just wasted my time. People have a right to say what they want but I don't need to listen or agree. I want to discuss Q stuff, research and theories.

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No, you don’t. You want to ignore everything true that goes against your narrative.

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Q predicted everything that will happen in the future.

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Far better to stay on a topic than to get distracted by the "Anger Mis-management Class Warrior Group"

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Get over it. Names don't hurt 😭 don't be a liberal.

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This post was satire, bruh.

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This was such a gay post until you appeared to have successfully trolled some of the locals

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When we were trolled on "crappit" and singled out by shills , it was like strirring up a nest of angry hornets....we fought back with reasearch and truth that opposition couldn't deny and they shut up...just keep on doing what we know to do and To hell with the profanity laced Wikipedia citing fools...its only a tactic used to slow our progess..peace patriot and be strong in the Lord...

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Clearly trolling lol

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I resemble that remark.

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Woob! Woob! Woob!

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This isn't your safe space, you're being tested and you're failing. No one here hates you....yet. Cheers 🍻 Edit: Or I just got played in which I say "Nice 1!"

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