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They had this Reddit removal in the works, it was a coordinated effort and the MSM was ready w/ their articles. They can not silence us.

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It didn’t happen till mid afternoon Wednesday. This article which I pulled from another voat post says 1145 pm Tuesday night.

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yep me too - it was about 3:00pm wednesday

Remember, upvote every post!

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Same time zone?

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Nice catch! Fully coordinated.

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Yes when I logged in it said I had notification yet not able to see any r/t reddit shut down. My page was completely blank.

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I want to know who is coordinating this crap... Whoever it is I hope their name is on one of the sealed indictments.

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they have fashioned the banning like community rules applied....instead it is filthy corporate evil in motion.

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I bet one of them sorta looks like this... edit- lose the mustache, increase ear size, and it -umm, umm, uhh, well, ummm, uhhh, has a lisp. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/1c/ff/55/1cff556cf08d5ab7648345995a03bf1a.png

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Agreed, Patriot.

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East coast 3pm.

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Seriously...why would we be targeted?? We're all gonna vote red anyway, and this just pisses us off and motivates us more. These people really are stupid!

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I believe we were red-pilling at an alarming rate! The numbers were growing, therefore a threat to the demonrat’s voters!!

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The #WalkAway movement is out of control. The promoter of that movement was banned, first.

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I think the same. The awakening is so massive now & they are trying bv to stop it. Their problem is them shutting out our free speech proves exactly what we've been saying for the last couple years. They ban patriots for telling truth. They can NOT stop it now.

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Such a massive strategic mistake. 70,000 awoken individuals (and the others they represent) just had this interesting movement turned into REALITY. Who thought this would work?

Q is dead-on. These people are complete fucking dolts.

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On post 2168 Q corrects to say it was really 297K!! The numbers have gotten too big, they are scared!

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It’s really about how much traffic we were getting. There may have been 70k subbed but how many unsubs were lurking and setting off their alarms for high traffic.

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So agree...this just motivated all 70,000 to fight, fight, fight for their freedom of speech. Q will be everywhere!

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I like your "complete fucking dolts" better than Q's "idiots" - more descriptive

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Enjoy the movie. They are doing what they are told.

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Not hard for them to act stupid when they are already :)

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They didn't think "she" could lose. Well...she did. NOW they think they can still hold on to The Delusion. They can try.

Without 'stupid', how would we know 'smart'?

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Hi I need red pill please

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A lot of things are happening that they didn't think were possible. I see many Americans of African ancestry abandoning the Dems. People do figure out they've been played after a while.

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VOAT unfortunately does not allow you to make threads unless you have 10 comment 'karma'.

Threads = Content Content = Subscribers

Upvote to give your fellow refugees so they can create content.

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Just migrated from reddit. I stayed thru the CBTS ban, but now I'm done with that platform. All for a LARP? They're getting desperate!

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Everyone should go deactivate their account. See if we can get 10-20 thousand deactivated the first 24 hours. And leave them a Q related message of your choice in the "why" box.

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I unsubscribed immediately and then I came here and created a new acct. I was around #940 on the subscriber count earlier this evening. Now there are 1,887 subscribers. We haven't lost single Patriot, all are well and now we are regrouping. Those who had doubts are now believers.

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Done! For my reason I stated: Censorship. Shutting down my favorite subs with FALSE accusations of "promoting violence" yaddayaddayadda. I've read thousands of posts & none promoted violence. Biblical Q? Seriously? Thanks for drawing far more attention to the Great Awakening than we ever could have stirred up on our own :)

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Oooh I like this idea!

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I like the way you think!

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Ditto. I'll just keep going to the next one. And I'll just keep sharing q posts and encouraging people to research for themselves. What are they going to do? Shoot me? I'm too fricken old anyway!

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It was a tough blow for sure, we must regroup. Every battle has wins and losses.

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Yes we should!!! And yes they are! WWG1WGA

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Seeing that many articles written, by huge media names is kind of astounding. They are desperate!

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What do you want to bet that those articles were already written and ready to go as soon as Reddit gave them the word. They went up too quickly for it to be spontaneous. And it isn't just us. The #WalkAway movement is also being targeted big time right now. Big Tech is now trying to fix the midterm elections. I wonder if POTUS' new EO covers that?

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You are correct. They had those articles written and were waiting for the ban.

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Like Newsweek with their Madame President with the old hag photo shopped before the election results.!! Ha ha ha! Chuckles chuckles!

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Of course they did. But We the People Win!

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Remember all these big tech/social media companies are actually shell companies for the clowns. The stupidity involved is the clowns are owned by the Government, which POTUS is in charge of. We don't need to create legislation governing them, HE OWNS THEM!

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This movement is like a snowball, it is getting bigger exponentially. In their throes of desperation, they are trying to stop it. WWG1WGA!

[–] coucou 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago 

Snowball can easily turn into a D5 avalanche. Which means, the more they repress and stop us, the more powerful we become. Any move is a boomerang that turns against them. Waaahhh!

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Yeah this has been in the works for a while. Must be someone feels a little bit threatened by the masses waking up. MSM You are No Longer Relevant. SHEEP NO MORE!

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https://archive.fo/2mj85 :

Sessions Is Said to Be Open to Probe of Social Media Giants - Bloomberg

https://archive.fo/EOY60 :

Reddit has banned QAnon - The Verge

https://archive.fo/fjrpz :

Reddit bans QAnon, the popular conspiracy theory community, from it's site

https://archive.fo/PnpFG :

Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats

https://archive.fo/4hoTK :

QAnon board on Reddit, r/thegreatawakening, banned for breaking the rules - The Washington Post

https://archive.fo/jbn7O :

Reddit banned QAnon conspiracy theory message boards.

https://archive.fo/JRnxR :

QAnon Great Awakening Subreddit Banned, Conspiracy Theorists Incensed

https://archive.fo/7aQ9y :

Reddit bans QAnon subreddit | TheHill

https://archive.fo/ooHbh :

Reddit bans communities promoting QAnon conspiracy theory

https://archive.fo/qt1cF :

Reddit Bans Popular QAnon Forum Great Awakening

https://archive.fo/2V0OH :

Reddit Bans the Subreddit Responsible for Mainstreaming 'QAnon' Conspiracy Theories - Motherboard

https://archive.fo/ScFDp :

Reddit Bans Major QAnon Message Board, r/GreatAwakening

https://archive.fo/HWg3n :

Breaking911 on Twitter: "JUST IN: Reddit bans Qanon subreddits after months of violent threats - NBC News"

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