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I've had several back surgeries... fuck was that kinda messed up to read. What a fucking prick.

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https://archive.fo/Iibv4 :

Dr Death butchered dozens of patients | Daily Mail Online

'Before he lost the ability to work, Dr Duntsch left a sponge in Jefferey Glidewell and damaged his esophagus. ', "It looked solid, but as Dr Robert Henderson discovered later, that wasn't the surgery the Dr Duntsch ultimately performed.", "Appalled by what he had seen, Dr Henderson helped to get Dr Duntsch's privileges revoked at Dallas Medical Center as well as Baylor Plano Medical Center."

'Dr Duntsch, as described by the peers journalist Laura Beil interviewed, was always a guy with something to prove. '

'Dr Duntsch had, until then, been the only spine surgeon at the hospital. '

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